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The Electric Ladies of Body Type

Listening to the empowered electric rock of all female band Body Type, you can hear their quirkiness interwoven into their riffs. They’ve only been playing for a year and have gained recognition from big music names like Triple J Unearthed and Splendour in the Grass. This weekend they will be performing at Electric Lady, an all female electric rock concert in Sydney and Melbourne. Blitz chatted to Georgia, the vibrant and bubbly bassist, on all things Body Type.

You’ve only been playing together for a year and already seen so much success. How did Body Type start?

We started by kind of picking up instruments every Sunday and clambering into a car and heading west and just kind of figuring out how to play with each other. We were all interested in music and all have kind of similar tastes. Sophie and Cecil were friends originally and Annabelle was living in another house. The three of us are from Perth originally and we all had mutual friends so were like why not. Let’s kind of carve out a space for ourselves and play.

Wow, that’s a big move! Did you struggle at all with the move from Perth to Sydney?

It’s bloody huge! You always feel a little displaced. Music helps and I think playing with amazing women helps. I think the band has been really important for all of us to feel like we’re apart of a community because it’s like another form of family.

And playing music is so therapeutic.

Yea it is! It’s beyond understanding. I think it’s a kind of subconscious thing that happens.

What inspired your band name?

We knew we wanted to have ‘body’ in the title and we were leaving rehearsal really late one Tuesday evening in Newtown and we got to the car and there was a parking ticket and it said body type on the fine. We thought what a fantastic self-referential name that’s informed by womanhood. I think it’s important to us to express our female-hood. I think we are also influenced by a string of women like Kim Gordon, she had a band name we were really into, and it was all a part of the workshopping process.

Your eclectic Ludlow music video is really captivating and looks like it was lots of fun to shoot. Tell me more about it?

It was done really quickly. And we used a car while shooting, which kind of feeds back! Two of our friends are filmmakers and their girlfriends worked in the production side and the art department side so we just kind of had a chat and we just took a camera into the city. It was very of the moment. I guess that’s why it feels so eclectic because we were figuring it out as we were going. And I think that’s also representative of what we’re doing; we’re figuring it out as we go and it makes it more engaging for us.

As an all-girl band in a historically male dominated genre have you found it hard to break through or tackle any assumptions?

I think every time you step on a stage regardless of whether it’s music or theatre. When you’re on a demarcated platform that is so masculine there are already assumptions that are held. Do you know what I mean? And you find yourself being watched and you’re negotiating your role as an object on stage. And, tackling certain things like the culture of sound in the industry, we’ve had a few run-ins with sound guys, ya know, all that kind of stuff. Maybe we were prepared for it., We’re constantly tackling that. And I think that’s why Electric Lady is so important.

What are you looking forward to most performing at Electric Lady World?

They’ve been a few really amazing festivals in Sydney over the last year that have had all female line-ups and I’ve been super impressed by that. But ya know, what a special thing and to be a kind of uniformed female space. The process of that! And watching everyone and being able to support everyone on the same night. I think that’s so important to me. I’m most excited about performing on stage with other empowered musicians. They don’t even have to be female, they’re musicians.

What do you want people to take away from your performance?

That’s such a beautiful question. A fierceness or maybe bravery? To feel brave because you know, that’s what we’re trying to do, putting ourselves up there. A certain power, fierceness or vulnerability. All the best things that come with music. We’re also just being ourselves so I hope that comes through.

You have three official singles at the moment. Are we going to hear more originals at Electric Lady?

Oh yea! We’ve got an exciting line-up prepared. I mean we’re constantly writing new songs and preparing for our EP to be released at the end of the year so that’s all in the process at the moment. We’ll have lots of new tunes to share with everybody on Friday and Saturday.

Before you go, if you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead who would it be?

Oh my god! What an amazing question. At the moment there is this incredible poet called Diane di Prima. She’s my favourite. I’d love to be able to sit down with her. She’s got this book called ‘Recollections of My Life as a Woman’. When I read it last year it kind of really changed me. So maybe her, and everyone should read her book!

Thank you so much for talking to Blitz!

Thank you!

Listen to Body Type’s newest tune Ludlow here. You can catch them at Electric Lady this Friday 30th June at Sydney’s Metro Theatre or Saturday 1st July in Melbourne at Corner Hotel.



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