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Documentary Review: Planet Earth II

Viewing through a high-definition video quality, fancy television screens, and expensive sound systems, “Planet Earth II” offers a rich textured insight into the Earth. Scenes range from stop-motion depictions of molten lava forming islands in the Pacific Ocean to the ferocious carnivores racing to hunt their prey. The seven new episodes feature different land habitats: islands, mountains, jungles, deserts, grasslands, and cities.


The Cities episode in “Planet Earth II” define the vision of animals and nature with the voiceover provided by David Attenborough. The series can be deemed as a testament of love to the planet that nurtures us, hence an implicit call for conservation and further ecological study.


The Cities episode examines animal populations in cities that take advantage of human structures for their own benefit — like peregrine falcons, who have arrived in numbers to New York City, because the skyscraper mirrors the sheer cliffs of their nesting grounds.

The documentary delivers a message of unbelievable hope that humans and animals can survive together in harmony, but only if we are willing to invest in this dream.

David Attenborough is one of the best narrators, who entices the audience making them feel like they’re living the adventure in the frozen mountains to the humid jungles along the equator. Further, through this documentary, Attenborough offers observations about the fragility of life on this surprising and diverse planet.

Between the highs and lows of inspirational animal videos lies a commentary on humanity, and the role humans play in preserving or destroying the world. Attenborough has ensured that “Planet Earth II” does not feel like an overpowering science lesson imparted on the viewer, but an excellent insight into our home, the earth.



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