Destiny's Child: Where Are The Survivors Now?
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Destiny’s Child: Where Are The Survivors Now?

Icons of female empowerment in the entertainment industry in the late 90s and early 00’s, Destiny’s Child members Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams wrote what should be considered the anthem for the average uni student drowning under the weight of life and assignments: Survivor. As a group, they survived the numerous changes of lineups, emotional drama, and overall pressure. But, where are they now?

I’m a survivor: Kelly Rowland

Second most famous member of the group, Kelly decided to wow the world with her voice and moves after the fallout. It worked. Ten years and four solo albums later, she’s sold over 40 million records of mid-00’s slow jams and soulful harmonies.

After doing a pit stop at the UK and USA editions of The X Factor, she’s now decided to join us down under as a vocal coach for this year’s The Voice Australia.

I’m gonna make it: Michelle Williams

Unlike her co-stars, Michelle seems to have disappeared under the radar. And yet, it’s all just an illusion. For the past ten years, she’s alternated putting out R’n’B solo albums and singing/dancing it out on the Broadway scene to the tunes of Aida and Chicago. She’s also enrolled her old mates to sing backups in her gospel album, Journey to Freedom, in 2014 (which-is-out-of-this-world good).

When she’s got the time, she also has fun running trolls off the twittersphere, as her gift to humanity.

I will survive: Beyoncé Knowles

Do I even have to introduce her? Queen Bey runs the music world as a single lady act. Politically engaged in human rights, she slays speeches and songs wherever she sets foot.

Her fans, weirdly called the Beyhives, love her so much that she doesn’t even need to announce her albums before dropping them. Not that she needs to announce anything: her last two albums topped the charts in a matter of hours.

The last time she made the news was last month, after she released photos of herself rocking a monumental twin baby bump. Career, family, she really does have it all.

Keep on Survivin’: Superbowl 2013

When the bootylicious singers split up in 2006, their wording was vague:

Destiny’s Child is going to take a little break.

What? Will they get back together? Are they done for good? We were left with so many questions. Our prayers were thankfully answered four years ago with an impromptu reunion.

Individually or as a group, these survivors are strong advocates for female empowerment and independence. Personally, I think a decade fits the little category, and they should grace us with their fiery golden music again. Please.



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