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A Letter To: My First Year Self

Dear First-Year Me,

Get ready for a crazy ride over the next four++ years!

First things first, find a group of people who love what you do – join a club or a volunteering group…or both…and be ready for that to change your uni experience completely.

Be open to new things and take people’s advice – when you’re told that there are jobs on campus to apply for at the end of the year, listen, apply and earn some $$$ in between classes.

Don’t stress about trying to memorise where all the buildings are. You will never find them all. The map in Arc diary and lost on campus app panda will guide you, even to your first day of your masters classes. It is ok, you have other skills. Consider, taking a Yellow Shirts tour – even in your third year, it’s probably super helpful!

Find a friend doing the same degree as you – it’s nice to whine about assignments together. It’s also super handy to have a lecture buddy – it means that even though it’s recorded, when they take attendance and you have to go, it wont be too bad.

“Get ready to experience some of the best years of your life.”

Get involved in a revue – the people in that revue will become your closest uni friends, and years later when you are all still hanging out, you’ll wonder how you previously spent your time at UNSW without them.

Learn to play some sort of sport so the wave of jealously doesn’t inundate you, looking at UniGames photos every year.

Balance your studies with an appropriate amount of fun – everyone who said high school is the time of your life, clearly never went to uni – just you wait!

Don’t be ‘that person’ who only comes to campus for their class and runs away again… Your next few years are only going to be as good as you make it.

And finally, if you are finding that your degree isn’t for you – TRANSFER. Do something about it, this is your life and you have the power to change it. This is your time to find who you are and what you like so don’t be scared to follow your passion, rather than always following your brain

You’re in for an awesome adventure, so take a deep breath, let it all sink in, and get ready to experience some of the best years of your life.




About Carly Fisher

Hi – My name is Carly Fisher

I am a Theatre Major with an absolute passion for travel and all things theatrical. I hope to one day find myself as an Artistic Director and am looking to work in theatre administration and academia on the way.

I am really excited to be a new writer for Blitz @ Arc – UNSW. I hope to be able to share my passions with an awesome student readership and that my theatre posts will help you decide what you’re interested in seeing!

Check out my Instagram: @theatretravels

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