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Creative Spotlight: Audrey Alim 1

Creative Spotlight: Find Auna

Audrey Alim (also known as Find Auna) is an exhibiting artist, illustrator and creative photographer based in Sydney. Auna graduated in 2014 from a Bachelors of Digital Media at UNSW Art and Design. Since then, she has discovered her passion in illustration, photography and art, working across many mediums and with brands to create and express their stories.

Creative Spotlight: Audrey Alim 1

How do you get past creative blocks? Is there a specific project of yours that took you a while to finish?

Two ways: reconnecting with nature and creating. I know, it sounds ridiculous to create to get over not being able to create. But that’s the thing: there is so many ways to create! My most recent exhibition, Found: Transience was preceded by a very heavy creative block. I had returned from Indonesia months prior with a creative vigour that got me to pour into a series of works (actually it was just in time for 2016 MCA Zine Fair). But that left me drained in the coming months towards the exhibition. I didn’t know what to draw so instead I picked up my camera and wandered around – could’ve been Blue Mountains or the park close by. There were instances where I’d find myself at Bondi looking over the waves at the early hours of the morning. It help me reconnect with something that I loved – the ocean – which in turn was part of the inspiration for the exhibition. Mind you, from inspiration to completion was a very rough 6 weeks!

As a creative, what tools and materials do you use in your creative process? How do you navigate working with traditional mediums and translating it to digital forms?

I use a variety of tools in my process. Recently, I’ve been familiarising myself with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. For years, I’ve been drawing or painting, take a scan or picture of it then do final edits digitally. For traditional pictures, I have a travel sized watercolour set, a variety of pens and mechanical pencils.

References to the sea and water is a recurring motif throughout your work. What is it about it that inspires you?

“I feel hazy.” “It makes my blood boil.” “Just go with the flow.” Our feelings and emotions have already been expressed in ways that connect with water. It’s very much alive. Watch the ocean; it breathes just as we do, gets angry with its waves crashing against cliffs and is calm – its stillness would let you float forever.

Creative Spotlight: Audrey Alim 2

What are some tips you’d give to up-and-coming artists/creatives?

Do not be afraid to put out your work! You are the best you right now and 5 years from now you’ll be better than you were today. There’s no point waiting so just do it! Of course, it’s easier said than done, but putting your work out there is something brave so you shouldn’t yourself up for it.

You always have something to give – whether political opinions, your personal interests or experiences, there is always something you can create from.

Look around you for support; the creative community is so encouraging so don’t be afraid to say hi and talk to people who have been doing it longer than you have – they’ll have nuggets of gold to share.

Aside from illustration and creative photography being your main forte, what other mediums would you like to experiment with? Is there one medium that you don’t enjoy working with?

Hmm that’s a tough one! I’m quite open to using different materials – I’m currently interested in ceramics and embroidery and would love to experiment more with them! I probably have to try everything before I can find one I don’t enjoy working with.


Creative Spotlight: Audrey Alim 3

Rapid Fire

Favourite fictional character?
Hermione from Harry Potter

Three most treasured objects you own?
A photograph of when my mother was young, my camera and a pin I got from Japan.

Current favourite colour pairing.
Blue and pink, specifically Pantone colours Niagara and Pale Dogwood.

Check out more of her work on Instagram, Facebook and her website, and connect with her on Twitter!



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