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Creative Spotlight: Amy Ge

Originally hailing from Perth, Amy is a third year Media Arts student studying graphic design and animation at UNSW Art and Design. In her spare time, when not working on illustrations, she can be found tutoring students, organising community events or volunteering around Sydney.

Tell us a little about yourself! How old are you, where did grow up in, how did you get started in illustration and animation?

I was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, and I turned twenty in February. I moved to Sydney for uni and am currently studying graphic design and animation. One of my earliest memories is of using a Crayola stamp marker to draw, and at school I was that artsy/nerdy ABC (Australian Born Chinese), that whole trope, yeah that was me. I got into digital art and illustration after I turned 13 and managed to convince my dad to buy me a Wacom tablet for my birthday. I didn’t animate much until last year, when I become one of the Media Arts kids at UNSW Art and Design.

Creative Spotlight: Amy Ge

What kind of subject matter do you like to draw? What emotions and themes do you hope to convey in your work?

I find it easiest to draw people, so whenever I’m not thinking my hands will automatically go to that. However, I really love drawing regardless of what the subject matter is — I’m terrible at buildings though. A lot of my work, especially recently, has been project-based, so any emotion or themes are limited within the project. Looking at my entire body of work, I’m a pretty inconsistent person, whether it’s subject matter, style, medium, level of finish, everything! I do try to be as honest as possible with what I do though, so maybe that ties it all together: being honest about where I am at the moment and letting it show in the work I produce.

Creative Spotlight: Amy Ge

Can you tell us how your artistic name, ‘amenumpha’ came about? Are there any special meanings behind the name?

It’s the username I used on deviantART (oh man) back in the day! And unfortunately I used the same name for all of my social media handles as the years went by, so I’m kind of stuck with it now. It does have an origin and a meaning but it’s too embarrassing to share, please just let me run away from my past self!!!

Creative Spotlight: Amy Ge

Who or what are the significant influences behind your work and creative style?

The people who know me even vaguely know that I’m really into Japanese manga, which I got into because I grew up watching a lot English- and Chinese-dubbed anime. Those works, and a lot of their fan-artists were HUGE influences for me back in my deviantART days, and still are!

The great thing abut living in Sydney is that there are so many amazing local artists, and I feel like I’m always being influenced by the talented creators around me. In terms of individuals, Egon Schiele, Taiyo Matsumoto, Yoshitaka Amano, Victo Ngai, Sachin Teng and James Jean are some of my most eyes-sparkling, full-respect-forever creators.

Creative Spotlight: Amy Ge

What is your favourite part of your creative process? What project of yours are you the most proud of?

The illustration part, and then the part where I finish! Drawing is just something that I love love love to do, and being in the zone and creating something out of nothing is always so nice. But finally finishing a project and letting go of that stress is also a great feeling. I’d have to say that my illustration, ‘Doors’ for an issue of Tharunka (pictured below) is one of the works I’m most proud of — it was just such a smooth process from draft to final work, and also a ton of fun to draw.

Creative Spotlight: Amy Ge

Rapid Fire Questions

Favourite store?
Daiso, my wallet’s best friend.

Hand drawn or digital?
Digital! What is life without ctrl-z?

Current favourite article of clothing?
My Pretty Boy hoodie designed by Omocat


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