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Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Actually Be True

Conspiracy Theories That Are True

Think you know the world? These conspiracy theories will have thinking twice about how much you actually know.

The New World Order

Be prepared, you are about to see the infamous Illuminati come into play. Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump- Who are they? Presidents of North Korea and the United States respectively. Now, how many letters in the word ‘president’? Nine. But ‘president’ is singular, so nine plus one equals ten. What has ten letters? Illuminati. Did I mention the U.S. has the Eye of Providence printed on its one dollar note?

Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Actually Be True

The U.S. Government Poisoning Alcohol

Yes- you heard right. Back in the 1920s, the government had to contaminate everyone’s Friday night drinks as citizens were failing to follow restrictions placed on its purchase. The introduction of heavy metals in alcohol led to illness and blindness across the nation. Rumours of the government’s conspiracy started to circulate after approximately 10,000 people had died. If you can’t get rid of the trouble, get rid of the troublemaker, right?

Project MKUltra

Project M, what? Let’s get right to the point. Essentially, the CIA has attempted to play ‘Big Brother’ and control citizens’ minds. Project MKUltra is one of the many operations working to achieve this. However, unlike Big Brother, it never succeeded. We can only wonder what the nation would have been like under its caring Ministry of Love.

The Gulf of Tonkin

In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson told the public that Vietnamese forces attacked U.S. ships in the waters of the Gulf of Tonkin. This provoked a huge escalation in the Vietnam War. But, *plot twist* it is revealed that Johnson fabricated this statement. This little ploy cost three million lives in the conflict. Interesting, Johnson.



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