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Compassionate Things Only Students Do For Each Other

Compassionate Things Only Students Do For Each Other

Being a uni student is hard. The exorbitant tuition fees, the assignment worth 70% of your final grade, the lecture recordings that glitch halfway – it all adds up. Luckily, UNSW students are compassionate, wholesome beings, and these are just a few examples of what those who truly have your back will do for you.

Marking off your mate’s attendance on the roll

Everybody knows that the 80% attendance rule is unreasonably cruel, especially when everything is being recorded anyway (shout out to Echo360). Plus, passing the roll around is just distracting. But a friend who’s compassionate enough to sign your name off the roll? That’s a friend to keep (just don’t tell anyone- as I’m sure you know, it is against the rules).

Societies that give out free food

Students are always either hungry, broke, or both; so any food that requires no payment from us is a godsend. Societies who understand this struggle deserve our utmost respect. We applaud them for their willingness to step into our shoes and help a student out. Huge shout out to Arc Street Team, who never leave us hungry.

Breaking an awkward silence when a tutor asks one of those questions

You know the ones – the ones that speak when no one has an answer.

These are the real MVPs. Taking one for the team, even when they know that they’ll be the ones to suffer the consequences. Or even better, when they answer correctly and there’s a collective sigh of relief when the tutor finally moves on.

Rating a course on StudentVIP

Gods and goddesses, all of them. Those two stars and mini-essay rant just saved all of us from failing our degrees. Especially since we know that these people get nothing in return, except maybe a free anger management session.

Sending a photo of the PowerPoint slides to the group chat

Even though we live in a media-saturated world where everything and anything can have its picture taken, for some reason taking a photo of the tutorial notes is a bit too much effort for us. Maybe we all still secretly think it’s rude to be seen using your phone in class. Or maybe we’re all just lazy. Either way, you guys are the best.



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