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Literally The Cheapest Student Meals Ever

The Cheapest Student Meals Ever

These cheap as chips meals are for when you’re starving but already spent your paycheck on online shopping while procrastinating doing your essay.

2 min noodles

Who needs to spend money on a tour around Asia when you can taste all of its unique flavours in the comfort of your own kitchen? There’s Shin Ramyun from Korea, Indomie from Indonesia, Trident Hot and Spicy Thai noodles, and many more exciting adventures, all located in the exotic foods aisle of your closest supermarket.

Free/cheap food around campus


On any given day, there’s fifty societies and groups on campus attempting to lure you in with an assortment of meals and deserts, the most you’ll have to pay being $5. So take your pick, the campus is your oyster.

Loose lollies rolling around at the bottom of your bag

If anything, it’ll help get rid of the horrible taste in your mouth after not eating anything substantial for a solid week.

If you’re desperate, dig into the eucalyptus candy that you bought when you had a cold three months ago and chucked in your bag. It’s technically medicine, so it’ll probably compensate for your horrible diet, right?


If you wake up at noon you only have to pay for two meals, right?

Literally The Cheapest Student Meals Ever
Source: knowyourmeme.com


Literally The Cheapest Student Meals Ever

When all else fails, go for the H2O. It’ll fill you up and give the illusion that you had the $22 smashed avo on toast that you were fantasising about during your lecture.

Subway cookies

This is a REAL STUDENT HACK I learnt from THE STREETS so don’t call me out but if you’re really hungry but you’re looking to spend next to nothing, subway cookies are 3 for $2.50 or 6 for $4.

I buy it and leave it in my bag for the end of the day so when I’m tired from looking at memes on my phone doing all my assignments, I can feel like I treated myself for less than $5.


Literally The Cheapest Student Meals Ever

An entire ultimate box is around $10 and could technically feed 2 people. Also, their chips and supercharged sauce are B O M B.

#notsponsored #ijustlovekfc

Student recipes website

If you’re craving a home-cooked meal real bad but you don’t wanna spend any money trying (unsuccessfully) to fill the mum-shaped hole in your heart, check out student recipes. The recipes are for students, by students, with most of the ingredients already in your fridge. There are recipes from all around the world, and you can choose them based on what type of carbs you’re craving specifically.


Literally The Cheapest Student Meals Ever
Source: www.eggnutritioncenter.org

The most versatile of all the foods, the simple egg will get you through any and all hardships. This ball of protein can be fried, steamed, boiled, made into an omelette, even chucked into a bowl of 2-minute noodles for some nutrients.


Literally The Cheapest Student Meals Ever

$5 is a small price to pay for the elixir of the gods.



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