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A Chat With: Martina Martian

A Chat With: Martina Martian

Blitz chatted to Martina Martian, a freelance designer/illustrator, UNSW Student and Blitz design contributor about collaborating with big name brands like ASOS and Doughnut Time, the retro vibes and bright colours evident in her work, and more.

The injection of bright and eye catching colours informs your creative style, which is influenced by 80’s street wear and cartoons. What is it about bright colours that you gravitate towards?

I love that bright colours can energise and excite you! I wasn’t always drawn to colour, but it’s no coincidence that when I became more confident as a person I was also less afraid of using and wearing bright colours.

What was it like working with notable brands such ASOS, Reebok and Doughnut Time?

The turnaround time when working with big brands is very, very quick; they often give you deadlines that are a matter of days away. I discovered that I love the high paced workload and that my best work actually comes out of working under pressure. You definitely have to be super organised and use every opportunity to design.

A Chat With: Martina Martian

As an emerging illustrator and designer, what advice would you give to fellow designers/illustrators who aim to balance freelance design work with study?

Prioritise important client work/commissions because ultimately they are the projects that will further your career. Use uni assignments to test boundaries, experiment and make mistakes! You’re there to get feedback and learn from the best.

Can you tell us more about your involvement with Synergy Society (SYNSOC) – a creative agency with a focus on bringing creatives together for collaborative projects. What are some favourite projects outside of your design strengths that you’ve worked on?

My friends and I started SYNSOC as a way to provide creative opportunities for other creatives. We put on exhibitions, make zines, events, photo shoots etc. My favourite project we’ve worked on so far was the Illustrated Rights exhibition a few months ago. It was a big group show exploring women’s rights and a huge success.

A Chat With: Martina Martian

Are there any dream brands or artists that you’d especially like to collaborate with?

Adidas Originals would be the dream! I love their capsule collections with Pharrell, Rita Ora etc. I’d love to design a sneaker/apparel collection of my own.


Favourite colour palette to work with?
Pink, blue, yellow.

Favourite cartoon show?
The Simpsons!

Favourite outfit?
Sneakers and something comfortable and colourful.

A Chat With: Martina Martian



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