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A Definitive Ranking of Celebrations Chocolates

A Definitive Ranking of Celebrations Chocolates

“Celllllabrate good times all right!” who doesn’t remember this catchy one liner from the delicious ‘Celebrations’ ad? Since the catchy jingle hit our television screens in the late 90’s these tasty little buggers have been making waistlines bigger and holidays better. Yet, as with any mixed boxes of confectionary, there are winners and losers. Some flavours are without fail left behind, at the bottom of the box, like the asthmatic kid on a soccer team. So for those of you who are less experienced in chocolate eating than I, here is a list of the worst to best Celebrations chocolates.

Galaxy/ Galaxy Caramel

The problem with Galaxy is that it tastes like chocolate but not chocolate. It will kill your cocoa craving if your absolutely desperate but somehow lacks the satisfaction of its fellow Marsians.


The overwhelming peanut flavour of Snickers makes them just a little too much, plus they carry the risk of turning your allergenic mate into a puffer fish.


Take the peanuts out of snickers and you pretty much have Mars. It’s more toned down than its nutty friend and delivers a nice bite.


Coming in third is Milkyway. It’s so tasty it doesn’t even have to try; mousse and milk chocolate is all anyone needs.

Malteser Teasers

There’s something so magical about the unison of chocolate and malt. It’s pretty much worth the diabetes I will one day develop.

Bounty – WINNER

I know what you coconut haters will say and I don’t care. Bounty is my one and only, and I will defend it to the death. The combination of sweet, chewy white coconut and smooth milk chocolate makes me want to commit long term to this little number. I love Bounty so much, I might even put a ring on it.

Have I gotten things all backwards or hit it on the mark? With mid-semester break just over a week away, we all have reason to celebrate! So, crack open a box and rank them yourselves!




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