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Celebrate on a Student Budget

Celebrating On A Student Budget

Congratulations you’re a Uni student! With this title you’re eligible for a degree, potential employment and a crippling debt! Wait…

Yep that’s right welcome to broke city. Whether it’s because you thought it was a good idea to pay part of your Uni fees, you have to pay rent, or you spend all of your money on travelling, 80% of Uni students are broke.

Celebrate on a Student Budget

Don’t worry though, we’re experts in celebrating with the $20 you managed to scrape for the week.

It all starts with that morning struggle, doesn’t it? Your five alarms have given you 20 minutes to get ready and run for the bus or beat the traffic if you’re driving. You successfully made it to your 9am lecture thanks to the fastest power walk of your life. You’re completely focused and then your stomach starts to rumble – you forgot to pack food. There is no way you’re going to starve for the whole day and so you scavenge through the bottom of your bag, praying there is enough change in there for something. But then you remember, that shiny redish orange $20 note, the answer to your prayers, everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Celebrate on a Student Budget

After that foot-long subway, your current balance is $14.50 and you’re determined not to spend anymore.

However, there’s a voice in the back of your head, you know that voice telling you to ‘treat yourself’. After a long, trying,  six hours debate with the voice, you finally give in and decide that, that voice is right. You’re practically a slave to your Uni work; it’s shocking you had to spend that hour flicking between Facebook and your reading. It’s high time you rewarded yourself for such a hard day of work.

Celebrate on a Student Budget

Suddenly you’re at IGA and overwhelmed by all the chocolates on sale! A packet of Tim Tams, Oreos, and Cadbury’s Marvellous creations later…

Celebrate on a Student Budget

Was it worth it?

Hell yes. You’re on cloud 9. You didn’t go to a WH-Smith outlet and you’ve saved yourself $15.

But the celebrations don’t stop here. By the time Thursday hits you’re completely done with Uni. It’s time to head to The Greenhouse with their extended happy hour. Because, why not? You deserve it and currently have a total of $5 left.

Congrats – you even have enough for a coffee on Monday.



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