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Can Real Life Horror Stories Surpass The Most Gruesome Fiction?

Can Real Life Horror Stories Surpass The Most Gruesome Fiction?

Content warning: suicide

Horror stories concocted in the complex minds of humans can reach heights so titillating, that you’ll fear the slight sound of your door creak. Fiction is the masterpiece that can travel to places that override the logic and rationality of reality.

Despite this, there is a deeper and darker reality that is often veneered, concealed and polished over. Nauseating stories of gruesome events are finely threaded in the murky and muddy waters of  the unknown.

Can you guess which horror stories are based off of true stories, and which are the haunting whispers of urban myths? Answers are below.

One Strange Day

“Don’t come to clean the house today,” a tightly wounded male voice squeaked from the maid’s voicemail. That was odd. Her boss usually sounded strong and commanding. For the past 15 years, this family have never once cancelled her shift.

Later that night, the family orders two pizzas. The wife leaves peculiar instructions for the pizza delivery driver, “Ring the door bell, twice. No one will be at home but ring it anyway. Someone may be watching. Proceed to leave the pizza on the front porch.” Eerily, the porch lights shone brightly but there was an ominous darkness that pervaded the actual house.

“Bring 40,00 dollars in cash, straight to my house”, the husband texts his assistant. “I won’t be home, but the garage will be open. My car’s also unlocked, drop the money on the front seat.”

The next day the house went up in flames. The body of a 10 year old was bludgeoned to death, stab wounds so deep, burns so horrific, that the gender couldn’t even be determined. The wife and second maid were found tied to a chair, with blunt force trauma applied severely. They were black and bruised, with their necks slit half open, revealing the bones of their throat. There was a bloodied baseball bat placed near the husband’s eye socket. He was on the ground, with half of his leg missing.

Who Ate My Nose?

A woman dangles from the rooftop. A rope, tightly fastened around her neck. Her toes sway to the slow breeze of the wind but her arms are frozen in motion, with a pet cat’s tail tied on her thumb. Her nude body is on full display but her face is concealed with a straw hat. It was the eve of Halloween when she committed suicide. Kids who came trick or treating the next day, thought her dead body was another Halloween display, designed to elicit fear. Five days later the stench of her rotting corpse wafted through the entire town. Local citizens wondered where the odour originated from. It was discovered that the supposed scarecrow was actually a dead woman. Her face was blue. Her eyes, stone cold. Her nose bitten off, in a zig zag pattern.

Don’t You Fool Me

A child no more than eight years old is alone at home. He’s sleeping peacefully, thinking his parents are in the next room. It’s past midnight and his sleeping has been disrupted by light footsteps on the front porch. He looks outside the window and sees a masked person. The person is carrying two bodies. The faces of his parents are recognisable but their bodies were mere skeletons. The masked intruder softly enters the building and places the two corpses on a chair. The blood of his parents, drip and drop like a leaky tap. The intruder uses their dripping blood to write something on the wall. The child can’t read the writing, it’s too dark to make it out with the flicker from the lights. The child pretends to sleep for one hour, when suddenly every light in the house automatically turns on. The child can finally read the message, “I know you’re awake….” The child lets out a slight gasp. The child feels something move under the bed, shifting, growling, pounding… could it be the killer?





  1. One Strange Day – Based on reality.
  2. Who Ate My Nose? – Based on reality.
  3. Don’t You Fool Me – Urban myth.



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