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Breathless: Moments Sure To Take Your Breath Far Far Away

Breathless: Moments Sure To Take Your Breath Far Far Away

We all have those moments that leave us like Annie Lennox, breath taken to god knows where. Well, here is a list of such moments for you all to sympathise with, relate to and cherish for eternity.

Running for public transport

Trying to make that Monday 9am class can be quite the ordeal. Excess paperwork, pre-packed food and stray clothing items are common casualties of this age-old university pursuit that is bound to leave you breathless.


Those asthmatic inclined readers will know all too well the breath taking moment of a good ole asthma attack.

Dance battles

Lose your breath like all of destiny’s children (except for Beyoncé, she doesn’t lose anything), by engaging in a ferocious dance battle with any unlucky peasant who dares challenge your greatness.

Air pollution

Gradually, air pollution and deforestation are destroying the earth’s oxygen levels, thereby damaging the air we breathe.


Arousing for some, fatal for many, self-asphyxiation is a sure shot way to take your breath away, and is a wholesome activity the whole family can enjoy.

High altitudes

High altitudes are notorious breath takers. If you really push yourself you may even experience a hearty dose of altitude sickness which is sure to be a story for the grandkids, if you live to tell the tale.

Drag Queens Doing Jump Splits

Full stop. End of Story. Finir. Finito. The End. Curtains Closed. Case Closed. Class Closed.



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