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Blitz Debates: Superheroes v Villains

Blitz Debates: Superheroes v Villains


says Jade Barclay

Superheroes and villains are both obsessive, driven by deep wounds, often they’re both orphans with PTSD (what’s with that!?). Both also act like they’re above the law.

Villains innovate, strategise, take charge, and aim to conquer. But much like an addict, each plan must be greater, each hit must be bigger than the last. The identity and purpose of a villain is like a laser, beaming out into the world, and cutting through anything that gets in their way. But in their single-mindedness, villains get more delusional and disconnected from reality and relationships with every turn… a recipe for a lonely, painful, isolated life.

Superheroes sense the world around them, like a sonar, listening for perpetrators, problems and perils. Then they dive into the moment, go with the flow, improvise, and follow intuition (or supersenses) to save the day. Villains may have plans and visions, but superheroes are more deeply connected with their community, their world, and their senses than the villains they thwart. And when the dust settles and the battle is won or lost, villains may have lairs and schemes galore, but superheroes are superconnected. In the eternal battle between connection vs disconnection, connection wins every time. And so do superheroes.


says Cheryl Till

So the cliche Clark Kent waltzes into the room, an air of perfection and the very essence of goodness every person wishes they could raise their standards to. But let’s be honest, how much can we really relate to the completely selfless Good Samaritan? 

Personally, I prefer to associate myself with the villainous personas. They have conquered through struggle and strife. They have come from the depths of humanity and made a name and place for themselves. Yes they may reign terror, but wouldn’t you inflict the same if it guaranteed absolute power? Besides, they are fighting for a cause … even if that cause isn’t agreeable to all. 

Furthermore, unlike the high and mighty heroes who simply have (super)powers handed to them* in the forms of genetically acquired strength, intelligence, inherited fortunes or scientific mishaps, the villains actually had to work and train for their place in the world. Now isn’t that much more relatable?

*Disclaimer – not all superheroes fall under this category – yes I realise Black Widow had heaps of training and made many sacrifices … but when you think about it, as a trained assassin she counts as a bit of a villain, right? 

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