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Blitz Debates: Remakes

Blitz Debates: Remakes


Says Lubna Sherieff

I like remakes. There’s something interesting about seeing the same story again but differently. Remakes get a lot of hate, and some of it is justified, but I don’t think we should hate them simply because they’re not the original. I love remakes and here’s why you should too.


I personally love seeing what new CGI and effects can do to stories that was never possible in the previous few decades. Take Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland –  the visual experiences are a feast on the eyes that wouldn’t have been possible without new technology.


The newer remakes have a more colourful cast than the very white narratives we’ve been used to. The new Beauty and the Beast remake has an LGBT character, and Ghostbusters had a groundbreaking female-led cast. Disney classic remakes mean the flimsy shaping of female characters back in the 1950s can be thrown out the window to make room for princesses who actually reflect different women properly.


Some of the remakes are getting really creative. Romeo + Juliet was clever in it’s execution, showing the universality of Shakespeare we were taught in high school English.

Warm Fuzzies

It’s a nice feeling to see a story you’ve known ever since you were little in a cinema. Seeing it reimagined with small surprises along the way makes me nostalgic, and gives younger generations a similar experience to what you had growing up at the same time.

Of course, I wish Marvel & DC would stop giving us the hundredth Spider-Man remake no-one asked for. But, Shakespeare is performed across theatres around the world yearly for the last few centuries – why can’t that be the same for other movies?


Says Rachel Lui

Can a film be salvaged and be remade to replace the original? Once again, this is a classic debate and the winner is obvious. If  Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings was remade, twenty years down the track, that would be catastrophic.  There are so many great masterpieces that stand as retro classics and not every film/TV is eligible for a remake. And not every remake is a classic. Hollywood CEOs need to search for new ideas and not simply regurgitate what worked in the past and raked in money.

It’s all about quality over quantity. Let’s face it, the newest remake of Beauty and the Beast is just one of the many remakes set to be released in 2017. Admittedly, it was stunningly crafted with magical CGI effects and accompanied with a spectacular soundtrack. What’s not to love about it? Unfortunately, I couldn’t stand the chitchat of Emma Watson making Belle “more feminist” and the overrated gay sub plot within the film, (Spoiler Alert!). Remember, this is a Disney children’s film, not a place for heated political discussion!

You can only do so many remakes. We really didn’t need another King Kong instalment, Kong: Skull Island.  Peter Jackson’s “King Kong” was released in 2005 was adventurous enough.  Sure, there’s scope for more epic moments of CGI effects and amazing acting, but I’m certain that nobody wants to sit through another round of monkey business.

We already have a deep appreciation for fine and classic cult films, and we don’t want that to change. Who wants to watch a remake of The Matrix Trilogy when Keanu Reeves is already immortalised as a hottie? Remakes are definitely a nay.



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