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Blitz Debates: Luck vs. Karma

Blitz Debates: Luck vs. Karma

With St Patricks Day coming up, we took a deeper look at luck and karma.


says Madelaine De Leon

Whoever says, “everything happens for a reason”, probably also religiously believes in Disney films, and that La La Land should’ve won ‘best picture’ at the Oscars.  Karma, although a great name for a girl group, is most certainly not the sole reason for why certain things happen in our lives.

Like the wind, most things are beyond our control. You may be an exception HD student – you do your readings, you participate in class, but you may still get paired up with pro-procrastinators (the equivalent of air). That’s not karma, that’s just a stroke of bad luck.

You know those people who push ‘n shove their way to the front of the 891 line (why do they even exist?). Perhaps their future holds nothing but a whirlwind, building momentum spiralling into bleakness. But guess what? They still get home earlier than you.

If things do simply fall into place, like the perfect ending in a Nicholas Sparks novel, it’s not because of of all your good deeds, it’s because you’ve been sprinkled with a some luck!

Sure, you can let superstitious get the better of you, but you’re only left with chances you could have taken at that very moment. Karma is just a construct – believing in it is what makes you think you’ll get bad karma.

When it comes down to it, shit happens. Your future depends on how you respond to it and a little bit of luck.


says Georgia Griffiths

While the idea of luck and just being generally #blessed is tempting to buy into, in reality the Buddhist principle of karma rules.

You’ve got to do good things to get good things in return. If you don’t feel like giving up your seat on the 891 to someone who needs it more, you can wave goodbye to that HD. If you try to scam some poor first year with exorbitant textbook resale prices, you can forget about finding a desk in the library.

They don’t have to be huge acts of kindness, but each and every action has its own consequence that you’d better be prepared to face.

It all adds up, too – if you’re not careful, your actions can land you with a pretty average next life (think cockroach, or even worse, an ibis).

The best bit of it all, is that kindness costs nothing, so you really have no excuse not share your umbrella with the poor drenched soul, or help that exchange student find their class.

In the eternal words of Justin Timberlake, “what goes around (goes around, goes around) comes all the way back around.”



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