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The Best Ways To Make Money At UNSW

The Best Ways To Make Money At UNSW

“Money Money Money. Must be funny, in a rich man’s world”

Abba sings about a woman who spends her time dreaming up ways of becoming rich. Who can’t relate to that? Here are the top ways to earn money as a UNSW student at UNSW, both real and fake. Can you tell which is which?

Be a lab rat

Sure, you might get the occasional electric shock or hundred-question surveys but participating as the subject in psychology experiments never gets boring (except for those times you’re stuck with nothing but a hundred-question survey). You’ll earn some bucks all while helping some doctorate students. This is, in fact, a real (and legal) thing on campus.

Promote UNSW by wearing the official hoodie

Get paid and get free hoodies to wear around Sydney. Show off the fact that you got into a top notch uni. What’s not to love? Unfortunately this isn’t a real thing at UNSW (we wish it was though). There are however real people who get paid to wear T-shirts, like Jason Zook.

Hold a place in a free food line

Who hasn’t been stuck in a lecture when Krispy Creme or Pizza Hut decide to have a huge giveaways? Luckily you can hire someone to hold your place for you, or vice versa. Some might argue that hiring someone to stand in line defeats the purpose of getting free food, but if you’re the one getting paid, it doesn’t really apply, right? This shockingly isn’t a real thing at UNSW (even though it should be), but it is in the big wide world.

Test comfort

UNSW is constantly building new faculties and it seems as though they would require people to test the comfort of the new lecture hall chairs and library bean bags.Let’s face it, we all wish they recruited comfort testers, and are secretly hoping they still do! There are people out there who are professional sleepers. That’s right. They test mattresses and beds for comfort and get paid for it. Does coming to uni still seem like the right choice?

Become a hangover buddy

Your job will be to prepare the hangover cure, provide carbs, shades, and the all powerful noise canceling headphones. Despite having to help with cleaning up both physical and emotional messes, you’ll be well reimbursed for your efforts. Unfortunately it’s not a real thing at UNSW, but we can all agree that it should be.

What do you think? Wouldn’t these just look amazing on your resume? If only all of these jobs were available at UNSW!



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