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7 Beauty Brands for Your Spring Allergies

Beauty Brands for Your Spring Allergies

Spring has officially sprung and it is safe to say those first tastes of the warmer weather are getting us way too excited for summer. But while this is one of the best times of the year, it’s also a time when hay fever and allergies loom. Our skin becomes dry, our nose glows red, and our eyes water so badly that by the end of the day we resemble that of a panda. So, here are the best brands to help allergy sufferers make it through the blooming season!


Aveeno is a hypoallergenic brand that puts strenuous amounts of testing into their products to ensure they’re fit for even the most sensitive skin types. We recommend the Aveeno Dermexa Moisturising Cream, RRP $21.99, as it is clinically proven to be suitable for eczema prone skin – even if you don’t have eczema and you just can’t tell your legs apart from the scales of a fish, this product is perfect.7 Beauty Brands for Your Spring Allergies


DermaVeen is a great brand for allergy prone and sensitive skinned people. They use ingredients such as oatmeal and avoid drying soap. The Extra Gentle Soap Free Wash, RRP $12.50, is perfect for dermatitis, eczema or just dry flaky skin.

7 Beauty Brands for Your Spring Allergies


Cetaphil is a brand specifically formulated for sensitive skin. Their entire range is great at this time of year to prevent sore, dry skin. We recommend the Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths, RRP $7.49, as a great alternative to taking the day off before you cleanse, all without irritating your skin too much.

7 Beauty Brands for Your Spring Allergies

Bio Oil

Bio Oil is a specialist skin care product that is formulated for a range of multi purpose uses. We love it for this time of year to slather on our dry, flaky faces because of its hydrating elements. At RRP $14.99 for a 60ml bottle you really can’t go wrong!

7 Beauty Brands for Your Spring Allergies


Derma-E is a brand specially designed to treat sensitive skin with hypoallergenic ingredients, while still maintaining a luxury feel – unlike some of the other brands that work well for allergy ridden individuals that can tend to feel very clinical. We love the Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil, RRP $24.99, because using an oil cleanser will help replenish the oils we lose in our faces when we cleanse.

7 Beauty Brands for Your Spring Allergies


Lanolips is a brand that invigorates skin hydration. They’re saving our lives with their lip products, and hand salves one chapped lip at a time. We can’t get enough of the 101 Ointment Multi Purpose Balm, RRP $18.99. It has solved all of our problems!

7 Beauty Brands for Your Spring Allergies


While this brand is a little more on the pricey side, it is every bit worth the investment! Lancôme puts a lot of hard work into making a lot of their products hypoallergenic, so they are friendly to our constant sneezes and watering eyes. The Hypnose Drama Mascara, RRP $52, is perfect for preventing our eyes from crying and smearing our mascara all down our faces!

7 Beauty Brands for Your Spring Allergies




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