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Barking Up The Right Tree: UNSW DogSoc

Barking Up The Right Tree: UNSW DogSoc

What provides you with unconditional love, friendship, and support in times of distress? Don’t know? Well, allow us to introduce you to UNSW’s very own Dog Appreciation Society, celebrating dogs in all their forms.

Though there are several animal rights and welfare groups at university, there’s nothing quite like DogSoc.

“We felt that at UNSW there was a severe lack of dog-related events,” President Darcy Sanders says.

With Emma Watson as their spirit guide (“If not me, who? If not now, when?”), Darcy and his friends decided it was time to introduce the concept of appreciating dogs to the love-deprived souls of UNSW.

The society covers everything – from campus meetups to volunteering for a cause. DogSoc recently participated in the RSPCA Million Paws Walk, where Darcy swears he literally saw thousands of dogs, including his favourite breed, the Akita Inu. For those who want to stay a little closer to uni, the society has bake sales and local meetups open to all humans and all dogs.

The best part? Owning a dog is completely optional. Only about half of the people who turn up to events are full-time dog-owners. So, you can experience all the fun of dogs without the responsibility of looking after a pet yourself. Besides, you get that added bonus of unintentional exercise while running off with other people’s dogs – and running away from their owners when they come searching.

But why the exclusivity? Where are the CatSocs, HamsterSocs and SpiderSocs?

“I’ve had people ask me that before,” Darcy admits. “To be honest, I think it’s a bit difficult to make a Cat Society because you can’t exactly play with cats in the same way. But if there were a Cat Society, we’d definitely support them.”

Dogs can have their moments too.

“The other day at the dog park, two dogs were humping each other – it happens, it happens,” Darcy says in fond recollection. “But then, another one hopped on the end and it was like three of them in a train.”

“Ah, so it was a Doggo three way.”

“A Doggo three way,” he agrees. Nothing like a bit of nature taking its course to give you incentive to put yourself out there as well.

Whether you’re a full-time dog owner or a dog lover without a dog, one thing is pawfully clear: with the loneliness that comes with going to a university as big as UNSW and getting through ruff times has never been so easy.


Header Image: Alexander Dummer on Unsplash



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