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Australian Primary Schools Introduces History of Sporting Sledges to Curriculum

Australian Primary Schools Introduce History Of Sporting Sledges To Curriculum

The NSW Department of Education has announced that primary schools across the state will introduce Australia’s rich history of sporting sledges to the mandatory curriculum, in 2018. This proposed addition to what has been widely considered an “unexciting” national history learning outcome, has received an applaud from parents.

“It’s perfect, just perfect,” says Steven Harris, 37, logistics company admin and father of two. “What’s more true blue than a bit of Glenn McGrath asking Ramnaresh Sarwan what Brian Lara’s dick tasted like back in ’03… and then ol’ mate Sarwan telling GM to ask his missus. Ooh ah Glenn McGrath indeed.”

“It’s a vital part of our national identity, right up there with the stolen generation and Gallipoli,” Susan Layton comments. “And it encompasses such a variety of events. You have the domestic side of Paul Gallen v Queensland, the international efforts in Casey Stoner slagging off Valentino Rossi, the internal struggle between the Voss brothers, which overshadowed Brisbane facing off with St. Kilda… it truly is the key towards a complete education.”

“Then there was that time McGrath asked Eddo Brandes why he was so fat… Brandes turned around and said every time he slept with McGrath’s wife, she gave him a biscuit,” says Harris. “His wife really took a verbal beating, and then… you know… there was that other thing…”

This implementation will be evaluated for the initial five years, before deciding whether this will remain a permanent part of the primary school curriculum.



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