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The Antithesis (Australian Edition)

The Antithesis (Australian Edition) is a weekly theme-based music show that investigates the human attempt at distinction and comparison through curation of music playlists. Each week, host Noah Johnson selects a theme that allows for two opposing sides, such as Loneliness/Company and Pride/Humility, and play alternating songs corresponding to each of the two opposing sides. Occasionally, the show will focus on differences between American and Australian music and play music that Noah has discovered while living in Sydney.

The Antithesis airs Wednesdays at 9am-10am (Tuesdays 7pm-8pm EST in the U.S.) on Blitz Radio!

Listen to archived shows on the Antithesis Soundcloud page or just shuffle through previously played songs on the Antithesis Spotify playlist.

Noah Johnson is a visiting Fulbright research scholar at UNSW studying silicon spin-based quantum information processing systems. He recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Madison where he studied physics and maths and also had a weekly music radio show at the student radio station WSUM. Noah is excited to explore the live music scene while in Sydney and share his knowledge and perspective on music that he has developed from living in the United States.



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