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Andrina Manon is both living the dream and turning it into art

Andrina Manon: Designing And Living The Dream

Sydney based artist and illustrator, Andrina Manon is living the art student’s dream. While completing her degree at UNSW Art and Design, she has already begun to establish an impressive career as an illustrator and designer with commissions from well known clients such as Princess Highway, Caboodle Magazine, Dahlia Fashion, Casetify, Closet Mod and more.

Whether it’s Andrina’s ability to create an imaginary world of donut wearing women and soda bottle swimming pools, or her fun yet intelligent use of colours and textures, it’s undeniable that something pretty special is happening in this student’s studio.

What first strikes a viewer about Andrina’s work is her depiction of a vast array of adorable female characters. Each of these ladies appears to have their own style and looks as though they might represent the real women of Andrina’s life.

“I definitely tend to paint women more than men, I guess that I express my experiences and observations through the ladies I draw, she says.

Quite a life it must be, her illustrated women are often found in fun, whimsical, and even humorous situations but they always appear to be blissed out on life.

On a material level, Manon has a diverse practice as her works emerge from the methodical planning and drafting required to meet a clients needs and from a stroke of inspiration while out and about on the town.

“The other day while walking around, I discovered an old, brick terrace house covered in vines and immediately fell in love. The house had so much character that I HAD to paint it, so I snapped a few photos for reference and started painting as soon as I got home.”

The materials for these works range from the traditional illustrative tools of watercolour, gouache, pen, and collage to the more modern digital tools of tablet paintings and Photoshop. The end result being works which are unique to the artist’s hand, yet also clean and defined.

Andrina Manon is living the dream and turning it into art: Image 2

Like most artists, Manon’s development into a professional illustrator stretches all the way back to her childhood.

I loved drawing flowers, animals, weird made up characters, and my favourite characters from cartoons and books.”

She credits some of her biggest inspirations as Herge, Hiyao Miyazaki, Reena Goren, Emma Blokm, and Monica Ramos. However she equally credits the development of her style to her experiences at UNSW.

“UNSW Art and Design taught me to think in a different way, research, find new influences, design alternatively, and challenge myself!”

If you’re looking for a little extra whimsical fun in your life check out, Manon’s work on her instagram and website. If you’re really lucky you might even stumble upon the wonderful woman herself, working at her local art store, bushwalking, or relaxing with a cup of coffee on UNSW’s Art & Design, Paddington campus.

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