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Album Review: SG Lewis - Yours

Album Review: Yours – SG Lewis

Hailing from the long line of British electronic music producers swarming our airwaves, newcomer SG Lewis brings his Disclosure-esque deep house beats rooted with R&B soul to the charts.

The 22-year-old musical scientist (real name: Sam Lewis) tests his experimental tunes in the electronic music waters, pushing the boundaries of stereotyped club music.

His concoction of calm beats juxtaposes the pumped-up electronic sounds, highlighting his unconventional DJ style perfectly.

Since dropping his highly successful debut single ‘Warm’ last year, SG Lewis is back with a new EP, titled Yours.

The album features his signature smooth vocals and progressive experimental electronic sounds, and is a perfect end to the summer and welcome to the new uni year.

Tunes like ‘Holding Back’ and ‘Yours’ will get your groove on and it is just the sound you can’t help but bob your head to.

With his nomination on MTV’s Brand New 2016 list and having earned a coveted performance spot in the 2016 Coachella lineup, SG Lewis is definitely a fresh face to keep our radars on.

However, like picking candy out of an assorted chocolate box, his alternative indie touch to electronic music might not be everyone’s choice of chocolate.

In saying that, you should step out of your comfort zone, and delve into SG’s experimental tunes because you may just be surprised with his repertoire.

Grade: Distinction



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