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Album Review: Oh Wonder, Oh Wonder
Album Review: Oh Wonder, Oh Wonder

Album Review: Oh Wonder, Oh Wonder

Over the past few years the British alternative pop duo, Oh Wonder, has quickly risen to fame. They released their first song Body Gold in 2014 and released one song per month until 2015. The songs released within this period of time culminated into their self-titled debut album: Oh Wonder.

There are many albums out there that are filled with great and not so great songs. Oh Wonder is definitely not like those albums. Each song in this album is consistently satisfying you and leaves you feeling different (in a good way).

Despite the fact that Oh Wonder only released the album in 2015, their songs carry a unique ability to slow down or rewind time. Their smooth voices and chemistry are enhanced by the grooving tunes of the keyboard and drum machine. Instantly when a song plays you are transported to a different time and place.

The album induces a myriad of emotions that ranges from feeling regretful in All We Do, to longing for that friend that makes you smile in Without You and wanting to dance to Lose It like nobody is watching. The album is a paradox, as Oh Wonder are a new band but they have the ability to remind you of childhood or youth memories. Their capacity to evoke nostalgia definitely adds something special to their appeal.

Overall Oh Wonder is definitely an album you should listen to. The dynamic duo is becoming increasingly popular and a hidden gem. Check out this album out and their recently released single Ultralife below.




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