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5 Types of Fuel for Students

Fuel For Students

With the end of the semester approaching, we are all facing the impending doom of major assignments and final exams. Here are five types of fuel to help you gain the strength to survive the semester.

Good Tunes

Whenever you start studying, do you always feel like your eyes start getting droopy or you just want to go onto Facebook? I feel you. Having a playlist with some great upbeat tunes will always put you in a happy mood that will motivate you to study.

5 Types of Fuel for Students


This beautiful baby is surely going to wake you up with that special caffeine hit. Whether it’s the morning, afternoon or night time, coffee will save you and give you that extra push to finish your assignments.

5 Types of Fuel for Students


This one is a no-brainer.  To defeat procrastination you need motivation. However, it’s easier said than done. There are different types of motivation such the fear of having to repeat a course, or enjoying summer break without having to think about the damage a course did to your WAM.

5 Types of Fuel for Students


Yes, sleep is for chumps but it is still necessary for you to function. A quick nap can always freshen you up and ensure you have a clearer mind. Just be sure to set multiple alarms so that your 30-minute nap doesn’t turn into a four-hour nap.

5 Types of Fuel for Students

Mie Goreng

Sometimes in the chaos of exams and work, it can be hard to find the time to cook and eat. A student budget can only afford a limited amount of takeaway. The cheap and instant nature of mie goreng will help you save time and keep your stomach full.

5 Types of Fuel for Students



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