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Things That Happen When You Refuse To Let Winter Win

Things That Happen When You Refuse To Let Winter Win

The seasons come and the seasons go.

Does that mean  you need to acknowledge and respect them for what they are?

Does it mean that you must change with it?

Not necessarily.

I mean winter is just summer waiting to happen right. (No? Just me? All right then.)

Here are five inevitable things that happen when you refuse to acknowledge the changing seasons.


These stem from the curious individuals who see your winter jacket paired with your flip flops and understandably have questions. The truth is, you don’t quite know the answers. These questions will make you doubt your system for a second but you’ll go back to your bubble of denial the next day.

Discovering your values

Do you want your knees getting cold or your arms? How much do you really enjoy having all your toes? You can’t have it all if you keep pretending it’s 10 degrees warmer than it actually is. Your priorities will be questioned in these trying (cold) times.


If you’re this cold in the middle of the afternoon when the sun is out, how cold will you be when you’re done with class at 6pm and the sun is not out? How fast will you have to walk to make sure your legs retain some circulation? All those word problems you had to deal with in the first couple years of your math education will be back to haunt you.

Weather Apps

They are your best friend. Not that you’re not going to dress like it’s 25 degrees out regardless of what they say, but they do allow you to mentally prepare yourself for how long you will need to defrost once you get home to your heater.

A seep sense of betrayal

You were prepared for the cold but was that a raindrop you just felt? A gust of wind? This, you were not prepared for. Your weather app didn’t warn you and your flip flops about this insanity. Tomorrow you will definitely wear boots. Unless you don’t want to. In which case you won’t.



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