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3 Things You Shouldn't DIY : Uni Student Edition

3 Things You Shouldn’t DIY : Uni Student Edition

There are things humans are, as a general rule, not equipped to handle.

Then there are other things that specific humans are incapable of.

The self sufficiency of humans went from building their own homes and hunting their own food to hiring a team of professionals to handle it.

Until now. With the rise of the internet, we are back.

Now we know that we too are capable of pimping out a space to its pinterest best.

We too can exploit a mason jar within an inch of its life.

But to quote the very underrated and barely ever referenced words, “With great power, comes great responsibility”, it is important not to let this power go to our heads. Boundaries must be established.

Here are three things you should never DIY. The uni student edition.

Your timetable

This is especially important if you are a fresh faced-straight-out-of-high-school first year. Having gotten through more than a decade of early wake ups you may think that a 9am lecture will be easy to get up for. You are wrong. Always. Always have an already sleep jaded university student with you. If they’re all asleep (because you’re compiling your timetable at 9am) at least heed their advice and proceed with caution.


I get it. You’re in university. You’re being strong and independent. Maybe you have a point to prove. But WebMD will never be your friend. It is out to kill you. Out of the common cold you’ll find that you have contracted the plague. After you cry over your last will and testament and say goodbye to your family, your friends, your acquaintances, you will wake up the next day projecting good health. (unless you don’t in which case crack open that student health insurance card and get yourself to a real Human MD)

Taking your student ID picture

By this I don’t mean hire a body double. Any student ID picture is a bad student ID picture. What I do mean is, invest in an entire village of make up and hair stylists to work on you for days, even weeks before the picture. The picture will still inevitably be bad. But at least then you have the comfort of knowing you tried everything.


Header image: Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash



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