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15 Wholesome Memes To Get You Through The Day

15 Wholesome Memes To Get You Through The Day

Let’s be honest, life is hard.

Now that uni is back on with all of its pressures and deadlines, it’s time to take a step back and remember all of the good things that still exist in life. So, if you’re having a bad day (or even if you’re not and you just love memes) here’s 15 wholesome memes that are guaranteed to make you feel better.

1. This little reminder that you still have great things ahead

2. You’re doing your best!

3. The reason why you really lay awake at night

4. Sometimes the comment section is not so bad… 

5. *bangs pots and pans together* YOU ARE LOVED!

6. Idgaf imma say it

7. Please do

8. Drake knows whats up

9. Not on my watch!

10. It’s never too late

11. When in doubt follow Pikachu’s advice


13. Nap time is the best time

14. Let me love you

15. Another day of greatness 




About Arleen Wilcox

Arleen Wilcox

Arleen is an International Studies/Media (Journalism) 2nd-year student. She likes Thai food, feminist prose and angry girl music of the indie rock persuasion… as well as making pop culture references every time she can. Her patronus is most likely Margarita Man from Jurassic World.

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