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5 Ways To Get Active At Uni

5 Ways To Get Active At Uni

After a four-month long binge of unproductivity, excessive partying, and eating for the sake of eating, it’s time for us to snap into gear and lose some of that excess cellulite. However, with the stresses of our increasing uni workload, employment responsibilities and TV shows to attend to, finding the time to exercise can prove burdensome. Luckily for you, we’ve put together the top five ways to get active at uni.

Join a Sport Club or Social Sport Team

Even if you’re not a girl and you just wanna have fun, rally in your m8’s and sign up for social sports. If you’re keen on something more specific, join a sport club! Ball so hard with the Basketball Club, shout Puck Yeah! every time you score a goal in hockey, or reminisce on your childhood days with Frisbee, Ultimate Frisbee. Anything with other people in the same vicinity as you is perfect as it allows you to take plenty of selfies for instagram and let your 47 and a half followers know you’re #fitspo and have soooo many #besties.

Try to find a seat in the Library

Trying to find space in the library for a small group can take hours, days or even years. Spending time dawdling around, aimlessly searching, with no real urgency or plan will help clock up your step count.

Make an advance

Making a passionate and by all definitions illegal, move on someone’s romantic partner* with a snide comment regarding one of their closest family members is sure to incite anger and the reaction to destroy you at any and all cost. This will give you the perfect incentive to run for the hills and into a more active lifestyle.

Steal someone’s belongings

If you steal a laptop, or anything of value**, someone is bound to chase you and attempt to retrieve said belongings. If you’re feeling extra adventurous try doing this on the highest floor of a multi level building on lower campus to get some stair work and parkour practice while you exercise. Make sure to pick someone who looks athletic enough, but not too athletic as they may easily track you down and tear you to shreds like a cheetah or Usain Bolt.

Join the Uni Gym

The university Fitness and Aquatic Centre is conveniently located ON CAMPUS, unbelievable I know. The convenience means that instead of scoffing a foot-long sub in your breaks, you can duck into the gym and show up to your next class covered in sweaty gym clothes to let your classmates know how active you are; because what’s the point of being active if no one knows?


By Josh Hauville

* Blitz does not condone non-consensual advances
** Blitz does not condone stealing



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