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Creative Spotlight: Robert Hogan

Creative Spotlight: Robert Hogan

Blitz chatted to Robert Hogan (no, not the American Actor), an emerging designer and artist focused on fusing urban environment, street culture, and cycling to produce incredible work.


Tell us about your most recent work.

I collaborated with Cup and Cone, an apparel store based in Tokyo. I contacted Yoda who owns the store, as we both share a love for bikes and hardcore/punk music. I illustrated this guy riding hard on his track bike with Yoda’s motto ‘Pedal Till Death’. It was then printed as a T-Shirt and a ‘Sacoche’ bag.

What is it about cycling that draws you in, and how does it play a role in forming inspiration for your works?

The joy of riding is hard to convey in words. I’ve found it’s a chance to break away from everyday life and to appreciate the simple feelings you might normally overlook. Cycling forces you to perceive the world more openly and in greater detail. There’s also always that tingly rush from a fast and steep descent, or taking a corner at speed, which keeps it exciting. Riding bikes definitely clears my head and allows me to return to my projects with a renewed focus.

I also draw inspiration from bicycle design. For example, my frequent use of pink and grey is partially inspired by the ‘Cinelli Vigorosa’ model.

Creative Spotlight: Robert Hogan

What does your creative process entail? How did you get into your main medium(s)?

Most of the actual painting/drawing/designing I do isn’t overly laborious as I prefer to keep a certain raw, unrefined energy to the work. I also get bored fairly easily, so I would struggle to work on the same piece for months and months at a time. More time is devoted to conceiving the idea and planning the execution somewhat meticulously through research and small sketches.

I discovered most of my mediums through curiosity, a desire to go bigger and while challenging myself to take risks. Once I find a process I enjoy, I typically run with it for a while, push it as far as possible and then I’ll move onto the next thing. I like diversity in my creative practice.

What’s your favourite project you’ve created thus far?

The cycling cap I designed for the Italian cycling brand, Cinelli, is definitely one of my highlights. I’m also really proud of the book I’ve recently published which is called ‘Full Throttle’. I think it is a big step up from my previous self-published work, as I really pushed myself to compose each spread thoughtfully.

Creative Spotlight: Robert Hogan

Dream gallery you’d like to exhibit your work in, or other artists you’d love to collaborate with?

China Heights gallery for sure. Internationally, the dream gallery would be Ruttkowski 68 in Germany or Clear Edition in Tokyo.

I’d like to collaborate with more of my friends while we’re all still at uni. I’m positive we’ll get the ball rolling and make some cool stuff this year. Don’t sleep.

Speaking of exhibitions, I’m curating a group exhibition, Solace, with my friends, Bradlee Wiseman and Daniel Flynn at Goodspace Gallery on March 8th from 6pm. Solace will feature work from fifteen emerging artists, showcasing their own experiences in places of solace through various artistic disciplines. The show is an effort to reaffirm that no one is alone when fighting mental illness and we will proudly support beyondblue by donating 50% of the proceeds from any work sold.


Favourite hideout in Sydney?
Casula Powerhouse or Kinokuniya on a rainy day.

Any injuries from cycling?
Fortunately the worst has only been getting repeatedly swooped by a vicious magpie who cut my left ear. I’ve been pretty lucky.

Describe your aesthetic in one word.

Creative Spotlight: Robert Hogan

By Melissa Ya



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