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10 Things About 10

10 Things About 10

Ten doesn’t look like much of a word at first with only three letters to its name, heck it even looks incomplete like the first or the second chunk of the word is missing!!

What if, for added emphasis, we spell out the whole word and really accentuate that one syllable sound to it T-E-N, TEN or for authenticity’s sake, let’s just strip the number right back down to its numerical form and leave it at that, 10.

This highly important integer – serving as the base of the numerical decimal system and equating to the number of fingers/toes we own – just so happens to represent a decade of time in which 10th anniversaries call for celebration, and with good reason. After all, the commemoration of the passing of one year is a thing of the past when one realises that hey actually not much has changed in a year but give it 10 years and heey that’s 10 years of accumulated good and bad hairstyles that one’s tested out; the cyclical period in which we as a collective society decides to repeat history and bring back the old, highlighted by our staple wardrobe item – the denim jean, switching between that low-rider to the classic high-waisted, the straight-leg cut to our favourite skinnies; or how about that time capsule we’ve buried in our backyard or storage room as we open up the letter that our past selves has written to our +10 years future selves (or is that just me?).

Without further ado, here’s another 10 things that you just might want to know, about the number 10:


If you were to add the first four numbers of our numerical system together it would equate to the number 10 i.e. 1+2+3+4=10 where this perfect stacking forms a geometric triangular form referred to as tetractys – the sacred symbol on which Pythagoreans swore oaths upon and funnily enough, it also just happens to be the number of bowling pins you’d have to knock down to score a strike.

$10 Note

Scrutinising the design of the new $10 bank note – as one does – it pays tribute to two significant Australian writers, Andrew Barton ‘Banjo’ Paterson, the man who gave us Waltzing Matilda and Dame Mary Gilmore, who spent her life campaigning for various social rights such as women’s right to vote and Aboriginal rights – so stay on the lookout for those notes in September this year!

10 Things I Hate About You

Heath Ledger as Patrick Verona acting alongside Julia Stiles as Katarina Stratford with their electrifying on-screen chemistry, what’s not to love with this rom-com classic? They say ‘hate is a form of love’ – as paradoxical as it might sound, this movie encapsulates every ounce of that phrase as we come to the realisation that the binary opposition of love is really indifference and that hate, with all its resentment and vigour may just merely be a complementary emotion to love, perhaps there is a fine line between love and hate?

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Commonalities with said movie mentioned just beforehand – both have the number 10 in its title (stating the obvious is key); with the production of these two films spanning four years apart, if there’s any lesson to be learned from Patrick-Katarina and Andie-Ben’s ‘dating game’, it’s that bets must first and foremost be placed down if not just purely for entertainment’s sake!

Hand length

Did you know that the length of your hand makes up 1/10 of your height?

Care-free living

Forget about the ages of sweet 16, 18 or even 21, no let’s reminisce back to the good old pre-teen days of age 10, the very first double-digit age before the rare few of us will hit that triple-digit age. The days of carefree living where we could bask in our childish arrogance and innocence as we once believed those playgrounds and hallways to be the entirety of the world.


When you must renew your passport every 10 years because the government is very firm on their belief that there is no way you could retain/maintain the same age-less face for more than 10 years (must say I agree with this except for all those baby-faces out there!)


Tellurium (Te) –  an element on the periodic table whose symbol is the first two letters of the number ten and coincidentally its atomic mass begins with the number 1 and ends in 0.

The Richter Scale

The Richter scale – measures the magnitude of an earthquake using a base-10 logarithmic scale where an earthquake of magnitude 10 has never been recorded.

Japanese Game Shows

And lastly, Japanese game shows that have a reputation for featuring the most bizarre and random concepts known to TV broadcast and this one is no exception with the rules of the game assigning that the men in the classroom are not allowed to laugh or show a hint of a smile at any clip they’re shown otherwise punishment will be dealt using a traditional Japanese kendo stick. One clip (1:45-3:00) shows a man counting from 1 to 100 in English by using additive means of the number 10, which sounds ridiculous but when applied to the Roman numeric system – his logic is not far off, nonetheless its hilarious to see the men try to contain what seems to be irrepressible laughter.

But the greatest thing about the number 10 is that Arc – our fav student organisation is turning 10 and there are a heap of FREE things happening to celebrate!



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