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10 Films Turning 10

10 Films Turning 10

Arc turns 10 this week, to celebrate here are some films that are also turning 10!

No Country for Old Men

10 years later — I’m still seeing Javier Bardem’s Anton Chigurh in my nightmares. Directed by the Cohen brothers, this neo-Western cat-and-mouse drama features cross-border gang violence, Woody Harrelson, and disturbingly squeaky shotgun silencers. If for these past 10 years you haven’t checked out this film, you need to do so.

10 Films Turning 10 - No Country for Old Men


Based on the unsolved murders in the ‘60s-‘70s, we follow investigators as they crack ciphers and follow evidence in the pursuit of… Ted Cruz. Kidding. We have no idea who the Zodiac Killer is. But 10 years on, this film still remains an engaging mystery film.

10 Films Turning 10 - Zodiac


It has been 10 years since I last saw this “teen” comedy, and I still find it funny. Guess I haven’t aged much. Watch for Jonah Hill in his pre-thin stage, Michael Cera peaking in awkwardness, and that McLovin’ dude.

10 Films Turning 10 - Superbad

28 Weeks Later

Even though it’s not the original, it’s legacy remains as one of the harbingers of the zombie films that plague us to date. The cool soundtrack is undeniable.

10 Films Turning 10 - 28 Weeks Later


The most refined example of Michael Bay’s theatrical style: balls-to-the-walls explosions, car porn, ditzy female leads, and epic orchestral scores, all in a visceral adaption of Hasbro’s children’s toy line.

10 Films Turning 10 - Transformers

Shrek the Third

In the future, scholars will write of the enduring impact of the Shrek franchise in the same way we write about the impact of the nuclear bomb. Literary theorists will analyse its complex relationships. Talk to me when this film turns 20 – I’ll be vindicated.

10 Films Turning 10 - Shrek the Third

Bee Movie

D’ya like jazz? While we’ve grown a decade older, many generations of bees have died since this film was released. R.I.P.

10 Films Turning 10 - Bee Movie

Blades of Glory

It’s your typical Will Ferrell movie. You’ve seen many of them since this film was released. It’s never serious, always funny, and a bit bromantic.

10 Films Turning 10 - Blades of Glory


Maybe it’s cheating to have two Michael Cera films, but really this one’s about Ellen Page. She makes this film more than funny – it’s touching. The subject matter—teen pregnancy—is well handled.

10 Films Turning 10 - Juno

There Will Be Blood

Even if there wasn’t blood, this film would still be gripping. Daniel Day-Lewis shines as a sociopathic oil baron, who is a bit too obsessed with milkshakes.

10 Films Turning 10 - There Will Be Blood



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