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Yearbook Photos: Guess The Musician

Usually when people rise to celebrity status, their transition from high school to fame is shocking. Even a change in makeup or hair can make some people unrecognisable.

Here’s a compilation of musicians from a range of genres and eras… can you guess who these yearbook photos belong to?

it looks like here life wasn’t so complicated… maybe there were no sk8tr bois in her life?

It looks like here life wasn’t so complicated.


Before the eyeliner, bandanas or hair back-combing.


Imma let you finish but I had the best yearbook photos of all time.


Same smile, same piercing (blue) eyes.


He’s the lead singer of a Canadian rock band, and for some reason, it’s become popular to hate them?


She doesn’t go by the name of Amethyst Kelly now but I reckon you can spot who this blonde-haired ‘rapper’ is.


Can you imagine her having a fandom called ‘Little Monsters’?


If you get this one, you are actually incredible.
If it helps, his heart is a ghost town.


He looks almost the same as now, except you don’t catch him smiling. Ever.


Same (almost) smile. He screams rock legend, doesn’t he?


That’d be called cultural appropriation nowadays. That wasn’t a swift move.


Before she discovered red hair dye.

…have you locked in your answers?

Avril Lavigne, Amy Winehouse, Kanye West, David Bowie, Chad Kroeger (frontman of Nickelback), Iggy Azalea, Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Eminem, Mick Jagger, Taylor Swift, and Ariana Grande.



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