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Why Should You Watch: Vinyl ?

Number 1: It’s Created by Scorsese & Jagger

Now, if you don’t know who Martin Scorsese or Mick Jagger is, I give you full permission to leave. No, I actually recommend you leave.

Good, so let’s talk about these two guys. One if one of the most incredible directors of our time, and the other was front man and lead singer for the Rolling Stones, one of the greatest bands of all time.

So when you hear about them collaborating to produce a show about an early 70’s New York record label, there is only one thing to do. Party.

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Number 2: The Music is Sick

A show that’s headed up by Mick Jagger, and has his son in a supporting role, whilst set in the early 70’s can only mean one thing. The music is out of this world.

And it’s not just rock and roll, it includes everything from The Rolling Stones, to Curtis Mayfield, throw in a little Grand Funk Railroad  and sprinkle some Otis Redding.

The best thing is that I don’t even consider myself a music buff. I’ve found so many artists and songs I hadn’t heard of before, you could only imagine someone who actually knows their stuff.

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Number 3: Olivia Wilde, ’nuff said

Olivia Wilde steals every scene she’s in, and to me, is one of the most interesting characters in the show. Playing Dev, wife of protagonist Richie Finestra, she is one of the only characters you feel for.

She transitioned from party girl photographer, to stay at home mum at the request of her husband and struggles to create a life she can be happy with. While also dealing with Richie falling off the wagon in coke fueled benders.

Dev is by far one of the most interesting characters on TV at the moment, and Olivia Wilde absolutely kills it.

vinly gif 71

Number 4: The 70’s Vibe

Now anyone who has seen any of Scorsese’s work knows that he loves the 70’s. With Mean Streets, Goodfellas, Taxi Driver the dude knows the period like the back of his hand.

Vinyl brings you into the wild world of the 70’s filled with Rock and Roll, Funk, loud music and of course, a Scorsese special, lots and lots of drugs.

You know, I’ve always wondered what the budget is for fake cocaine in a Scorsese production, my guess is too much. But Richie Finestra would disagree with you there.

vinly gif 89

Number 5: The “Cameos”

Now why did I include cameo in the bunny ear quotation marks thing? It’s not because I’m trying to be pretentious, it’s because you can’t really call the appearances Cameos.

Sound a little confusing? Well I’ll explain. Since it’s set in the 1970’s you meet all these famous muscisions played by different actors. You have Alice Cooper, Aerosmith who are legit names.

Then you have bands like the Nasty Bits, who seem eerily like the Sex Pistols, Hannibal who seems like a cross between James Brown and Marvin Gaye, and a band who could only be described as definitely not the Rolling Stones.

Essentially it’s a who’s who of musical talent.

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So Why Should You Watch Vinyl? Because of the reasons above, you read them, right?



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