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Why Should You Watch: The Crown ?

Number 1: We’re fed up of American Politics

For the past 18 months it’s been Trump this, Clinton that. We’re exhausted. So why not wind down all this U.S presidential debate nonsense, and watch ourselves some good old fashioned 1950’s Royal British politics. The Crown is a series describing the inner workings of the Royal Family, starting with the ascension of Queen Elizabeth II, the one that’s in charge now in case you can’t keep track of how many Elizabeth’s there are. The show has civility, wit, and charm, something we haven’t seen in the most recent US election.


Number 2: When you spend so much money on a show, it’s going to be at least half decent.

This seems like a bit of an insult to an amazing show. The Crown is a fantastic show, but something that makes it absolutely incredible is just the set design and the different shots they use. All the rooms in Buckingham Palace, the different locations used like Nairobi, the shots of Westminster Abbey, the show doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. You can see the pure majesty and prestige of these shots and just revel in it. Then wonder why you couldn’t be born with the last name Windsor.


Number 3: John Lithgow as Winston Churchill is absolutely insane.

Considering John Lithgow is 6 foot 2, and Winston Churchill is about half a foot shorter, you start wondering how Churchill will be portrayed. Lithgow does not shy away from playing the towering figure of Churchill with an almost chilling accuracy. Lithgow portrays the charm, the wit and the pure sense of nationalism that was Churchill to an absolute tee. If you are going to see one performance this year at all, it must be to see Lithgow play Churchill, anything I write won’t come close to doing his performance justice.


Number 4: Peter Morgan cements himself as one of the greats.

Despite this statement by myself, I am pretty sure you won’t know who Peter Morgan is, nobody knows screen writers unless they happen to be the directors themselves. But Morgan is absolutely brilliant and somehow captures the lives and intricacies of the Royal family to such a degree that the series becomes more of a documentary than a biopic. But I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of Morgan’s work, The Last King of Scotland, The Queen, Frost/Nixon, and Rush. It’s an impressive resume.


Number 5:  The Slow Burn pays off.

So what I mean by this statement is that, with a lot of television and movies at the moment, which can be described as a Slow Burn, never end strong. They usually drag the viewer through hours of non-action packed scenes, and end on an anti-climax. There needs to be a pay off at the end, and The Crown delivers, no spoilers though. The show lets you watch an incredible cast act there assess off for 10 hours, and at the end, you feel satisfied, even wanting more. The Crown is easily one of my shows for the year, and definite must watch.



So Why Should You Watch The Crown? For all the reasons above, you read them right?



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