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Why Should You Watch: Preacher ?

Number 1: It Makes Zero Sense

Here’s a list of things I found rather strange to happen in Preacher’s pilot episode . Deep breath and: A Home-made rocket launcher, an African Preacher exploding onto his congregation, a plane fight complete with medieval weaponry and someone doing a rather accurate impression of a bunny rabbit.

Keep in mind all this is the first episode of the show while making up a small portion of things that happened . I don’t think it’s my place to spoil some of the crazier stuff that happens.

preacher gif 1

Number 2: It’s Stupidly Gory

I get some people aren’t into the whole senseless violence and needless gore, but honestly I kind of like it. Preacher has the tendency of making even Quentin Tarantino look tame at times, as the second episode heavily features the use of a chainsaw. I’ll let your minds decide what that means. Small hint, it takes a while to clean up.

But if large amounts of blood isn’t your cup of tea you could always settle for good old fashioned bone breaking, or kicks to the body that would make anyone wince. Hope you enjoy it.

Preacher gif 2

Number 3: It’s Spearheaded by Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen should be a name familiar to you all. Whether you know him from writing Superbad, knocking up Katherine Heigl or starting out an all out war with Zac Efron, the man has defintely been around.

So you might be thinking, this show sounds incredibly violent and off the rails bonkers, why would Seth Rogen get involved with it? I have no clue, again the first point I made in this article is that Preacher makes zero sense. But you can see Seth Rogens influence in just the crude humor that is used, below is an obvious example.

Preacher gif 31

Number 4: Ruth Negga is Fan-*******-tastic

Before this show I had no clue who Ruth Negga is, and I am sure that many of you don’t know who she is. If you were to scroll through her IMDb page, I doubt you would find anything you would.

But Ruth plays the character of Tulip, one of the most bad-ass funny characters I’ve seen on T.V in ages. You know that as soon as you see her on screen, it’s going to be either an awesome or funny scene. By the end of the first two episodes, she’ll definitely be one of your favourites.

Preach gif 4

Number 5: It’s Just Started, Get on Board Quick!

So the show is on it’s third episode at the moment, which makes it the perfect time to jump in. There’s no having to binge watch 6 seasons to understand the latest episode. With exams on at the moment, no one has that kind of time.

So why not watch a show only 3 episodes in? It’s funny, simple, and has no story line that is too complex for it’s own good. In my opinion, Preacher is the ultimate study break, for when that little bit of madness starts to set in.

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So Why Should You Watch Preacher? Because of the reasons above, you read them, right?



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