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Why Should You Watch: Narcos ?

Number 1: It’s Unbelievable

Magical Realism is a concept which was invented in Columbia. It’s where reality meets fiction, and things become so far fetched that you begin questioning if everything is real or not.

That is the definition of Pablo Escobars drug cartel. The money, the drugs, the violence. You would struggle to believe that it could all be true. You’re constantly parroting Mark Wahlbergs infamous “Whaaaat Noooooo????” during the entire show. Even if you look up a Wikipedia page about the events, you still struggle to believe any of it is actually possible.


Number 2: Wagner Moura is Terrifying

If you haven’t heard of the name Wagner Moura, I wouldn’t be surprised. He made his name in a Telanovela called Paraíso Tropical. Again, I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t seen it, neither have I. But in Narcos, Moura plays the absolutely terrifying Pablo Escobar.

You wouldn’t expect to be scared of a fairly overweight man, with Einstein hair and porno ‘stache, but you just need to wait till you see Moura on screen. I’m not even in the show and I’m still frightened of the guy. But the scariest part is when he flips the switch, turning from monster to your best friend.


Number 3: The Subtitles Don’t Matter

What I’m trying to say here is that so often people are put off by foreign movies, or foreign television shows because they want to watch a show, not read a show. It normally takes a special something to drag people way from that mentality, and Narcos has it in spades.

The acting is phenomenal, not just Moura, but the entire Spanish speaking cast. You don’t need to understand what they are saying to understand the intensity of it. It’s brilliant acting, nothing more, nothing less. And hey, you might even learn a little Spanish.


Number 4:  Netflix hasn’t Missed

How a DVD mail rental company turned into one of the most popular streaming sites and then turned into a successful television and film production company  is beyond me. But what I can say for sure is that every time you see that “Netflix Original” subheading you know that you’re in for a treat.

Whether it’s House of Cards, BoJack Horeseman, Orange is The New Black or even the most recent Stranger Things, you know you that there is definite quality to the show. Narcos is no exception, and only muddies the polls of “Best Netflix Show”.


Number 5: Part Of You Wants Pablo to Win

Now normally in movie or show, you want the good guy to win, and the bad guy to lose. Narcos takes a similar approach that Breaking Bad has, where there are these absolutely awful people who do horrendous and heinous crimes, but deep down inside you kind of want them to get away with it.

Why? Because the small bit of good they do justifies it for us. Whether it’s Walter White trying to set up a future for his family, or whether it’s Pablo Escobar building houses and parks for his community, we use this as justification. Is it right or wrong to do so? Who knows, but it’s definitely quality entertainment.


So Why Should You Watch Narcos? Because of the reasons above, you read them, right?



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