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Why Should You Watch: Daredevil ?

Number 1: The Fight Scenes are Amazing

In the first season you’ve got one of the most well choreographed single shot fight scene with Daredevil. In season 2, you have 2 totally bad-ass fight scenes that just leave you drooling.

It’s not just the choreography, its the realism in the fights that I like the best. Dardevil is taking on like 6 people at a time, of course he gets tired. But for someone reason most action films make it seem like a 1 vs 20 fight is nothing more than a mild jog.

If you’re a fan of The Raid, Ip Man, Oldboy or any other sick martial arts movies, then Daredevil is a must watch.

daredevil gif 1

Number 2: It Has One of the Most 3D Villains Ever

I don’t mean 3D like the those blue and red plastic glasses you got in SharkBoy and LavaGirl. No one is going to come out the screen.

But it feels like it. Wilson Fisk is an extraordinary villain. He has motives, justification, emotions, depth. He’s not just an antagonist, he’s a real person.

It’s a rare thing to say “I disagree with him, but I understand him” to a villain. Especially a Marvel villain. I’d try dis the Marvel villains here, but the only one I can remember is Loki.

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Number 3: They Did it Again in Season 2

The idea of a second season is to improve on everything you did in the first season. So how do you improve on Wilson Fisk? You add The Punisher to the mix.

John Bernthal is Frank Castle. The dude embodies the crazy vigilantism that takes all of Daredevils ideals to the extreme. I personally believed he is the best character in the Defenders universe, and that’s stacked against Fisk, Killgrave and Jessica Jones.

If Wilson Fisk is one of the must humanized villains, then The Punisher is one of the most symbolic villains.

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Number 4: It Fills the Void Until Civil War

Now, I know, that you know, that Civil War is going to be sick. The only bad part of Civil War is that it’s not out already. So let Daredevil help fill that whole inside your heart.

It’s action is better than Winter Soldier, it’s villains are better than most of Marvel. It combines everything we like about Batman type characters without being as bad as Batman v Superman.

It’s got everything. So definitely check it out if you can’t wait for Civil War. Alternatively you can freeze yourself until the movie comes out, if you’re o.k with hyper intelligent atheist sea otters being a potential outcome.

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Number 5: It’s a Darker Marvel Universe

You should start watching Daredevil like now. You don’t want to miss out on the bandwagon and have to catch up. It’s like hearing about Avengers 2 and having to start from Iron Man 1.

You’re behind. There’s going to be a whole Defenders universe, with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and upcoming Luke Cage and Iron fist shows. So get in on it quick.

Also in classic Marvel fashion it’s all building up to events we don’t even know. Minus the Sam Jackson cameo. Sadly.

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So Why Should You Watch Daredevil? Because of the reasons above, you read them, right?



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