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Why Should You Watch: Wayward Pines ?

Number 1: It Constantly Keeps You Guessing

Wayward Pines is very different in it’s plot. It’s rare to have a show that is completely unpredictable. Even shows that used to keep us on our toes have become a bit easy to guess what happens, sorry Game of Thrones, but it’s true.

The show baits you in, making you believe that you think you know what is going to happen, when in reality you are constantly second guessing your assumptions. If I’m being honest, and I always am, the show gives off a real Shutter Island feel. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? I don’t know, but I can’t stop watching.

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Number 2: It’s Incredibly Creepy

Now there are a lot of horror shows on at the moment that are wonderful. But Wayward Pines does something different. It creates an atmosphere of just constantly creepy situations, but what is more impressive is that it is able to maintain this level of unease.

What happens often in horror shows is that the audience slowly becomes used to the atmosphere. I call it the goosebumps factor. The longer the person is creeped out and thrilled, the better the final pay off.

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Number 3: M. Night Shyamalan is the Producer

Now I know this is a bit of a deterrent for people and would actually serve as a reason why people shouldn’t watch it. I know he ruined a lot of your childhoods with that God awful Last Airbender movie but let’s be honest. How good is the Sixth Sense. How good is Unbreakable. Signs and The Village are like pretty decent movies. Kind of.

I know critics and people around the world have been writing him off pretty much, but I say let’s give him one more chance. The show still has that Shyamalan flair to it that we loved.

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Number 4: Season 2 Just Started

Is there any better time to get into a show that you’ve never head of before than when it’s second season just started? Yes. You could have watched it day one and then would be hooked like me. But we’re not all me, I get that, it’s fine.

I’ll watch anything if it’s good. So you can trust me on this recommendation. But what a second season does is tell you the show was popular enough and of at least a certain quality to be bankrolled for a second season. We all know how cutthroat television can be.

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Number 5: It’s Great Ensemble Performance

Despite both seasons having a predominant hero figure, it’s the supporting cast and the entire cast as a whole that really gives Wayward Pines the weight and mystery it has. The intertwining stories and character development of what would be considered as minor characters in other show’s really set it a part.

When a show is built on the creepy and mysterious atmosphere it’s important that no character detracts from it, and Wayward Pines is no exception. Everyone, and I mean everyone is equally disturbing and just chilling. Enjoy I guess.

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So Why Should You Watch Wayward Pines? Because of the reasons above, you read them, right?



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