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Why Should You Watch: Stranger Things ?

Number 1: The 80’s Vibe is Perfect

Stranger Things is pure 80’s. Remember the 80’s? Synths, flourescent colours,  riding bikes from your friends house in the middle of the night. I’m guessing the answer to the question is no, I barely qualify as a 90’s kid, let alone get the nostalgia of the 80’s.

But it’s pretty cool to see into a world we miss. You get a feeling of nostalgia for something that you didn’t even experience, which is an incredibly hard feat to pull off.  If you ever felt that you were born to soon, or have a mad love for the 80’s, then this is the show for you.


Number 2: It’s the Best Show Spielberg Never Wrote

Are you fan of early Spielberg. I’m talking A.I, E.T, The Goonies (yes i know he didn’t direct it) or other films like the Sandlot or Super 8? You know the stories of kids who can just be kids.

Stranger Things provides audiences with a sense of wonder through the eyes of 4 kids as they go on an adventure throughout their small town and beyond. It’s a great blend of kid action, comedy, science fiction, and maybe a little romance, but I won’t be spoiling anything.


Number 3: It’s a Sci Fi/Horror Unlike Anything on Television at the Moment

Stranger Things does what all good horrors do. It relies on building a tension through atmospheric mechanics, such as the crescendo of the music, or the use of colours and lighting. Remember all those techniques you had to study for English back in the day? It has most of those.

Although fairly common in most good Horror films, these staples seem to be missing from Horror on television, which relies on jump scares, and sudden moments of terrifying action to elicit that sense of fear from you. If you want to get scared, but not too scared, Stranger Things may be a place to start for you.


Number 4: The Child Actors are Actually a Strength

Now this is not meant to be a dig at any of you young aspiring actors out there, nor is it a dig at the current working young actors. Providing a performance that is able to carry a 10 episode critically acclaimed Netflix series at any age is impressive, but to be able to do one at such a young age is just mind blowing.

The actors of the kids in the show are definitely ones to watch. With performances this good, so early on in there careers hopefully this only bodes well for future performances. Do I hear Oscars?


Number 5: Winona Ryder is FANTASTIC

This performance. Holy Sh*t. Winona nails it as distressed mother Joyce Byers. Some of you may remember Winona from Beetlejuice or Edward Scissorhands, but in Stranger Things she absolutely shines in her role.

There’s a sense of realism to her performance despite the surreal setting. Honestly, if you’re reading this and you happen to be a mother, I would not recommend the show, her performance is a little too on the nose. Still amazing though.


So Why Should You Watch Stranger Things? Because of the reasons above, you read them, right?



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