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Why Should You Watch: Luke Cage ?

Number 1: The Killer 80’s Vibe

The show isn’t set in the 80’s, if that’s something you may find off putting. But what it does have is a vibe like so many 80’s shows. The series is cheesy, corny, funky and got the perfect amount of action to keep you going.

It feels a lot like Shaft 2.0, with all the hallmarks of the blacksploitation era of T.V and movies, but with a modern twist. You replace the Earth, Wind and Fire soundtrack with Method Man and the rest of the Wu Tang, and you have a show that delivers time and time again.


Number 2: Marvel Villains Always Deliver

Cornell Stokes aka Cotton Mouth is the villain you need to keep your eyes peeled for this series. Like Fisk, or the Punisher or Killgrave, Stokes has an almost permeable presence on screen. You can just feel the menace.

Played by Mahershala Ali isa face you may recognize from House of Cards or the latest Hunger Game films. His soft spoken mannerism interlaced with murderous outbursts reminds us of why we loved villains like Fisk so much. It’s easy to make a character be bad, it’s hard to make a character truly evil.



Number 3: The Story has Depth

I love the Marvel Universe. I’ve seen all the movies, have been invested in all the characters and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. But I’ll be the first to admit, most Marvel movies lack depth. They’re spectacles which you go to enjoy, but lack a story that really grabs you.

This is where the Luke Cage story shines. The characters all have intertwining interesting back stories that make you cheer for a character for a reason besides blowing up buildings with lazers. You’re not just invested in Luke, you’re invested in the antagonist, the supporting cast, hell even some of the extras have more personality than we’ve seen in most Marvel Movies.



Number 4: The Defenders Universe is Amazing

The story is primarily indicative of the quality that is the Defenders Universe. For the uninitiated, the Defenders Universe is a collective story told through the lens of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and premiering next year, Iron Fist. ย With 4 seasons of content out at the moment, Marvel has not missed once.

It’s the realism and the grittiness of the universe that really grabs audiences. Too often we see superhero movies with happy endings, everything tied in a neat bow. The Defenders universe changes that, you don’t need a happy ending to enjoy a show anymore.


Number 5: Sweet Christmas, It’s Luke Cage

Mike Colter who first premiered as Luke Cage last year in the Jessica Jones series, finally headlines the show this time. Luke Cage is a character that is designed to be impossible to hate. He’s funny, never swears, extremely humble and tries to be a role model for those around him. You can’t hate the guy.

But what Mike Colter and the writing staff do is bring back the subtleties of Luke Cage which made him iconic. I won’t spoil anything for you, but there are definitely some deep cuts made which comics lovers will be sure to catch.




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