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Why Should You Watch: Game of Thrones ?

Number 1: Your Friends Will Stop Bugging You. Hopefully

Let me set the scene. There’s a really popular show on at the moment. All your friends are watching it. You haven’t. Every day, every single day they keep on telling you to watch the show, and you always make an excuse, either too much work, or it’s too long or something else. Sound familiar?

Honestly, it’s just like ripping off a band-aid. Just sit down and watch a couple of episodes. It’s much easier to tell your friends you didn’t like it, than making up excuses.

Also it’s got dragons.

GOT gif 1

Number 2: Honestly, It’s Pretty Good

Now this seem like a cop out compared to other reasons I have given for watching other show’s, but it’s the truth. Game of Thrones is just good. It’s got great 3 dimensional characters, an interesting world and setting, as well as a story that always makes yourself second guess if your favorite character is going to kick the bucket or not.

I don’t normally reference scores, ratings or accolades by others, but according to IMDb, Game of Thrones has racked up close to 200 award wins since it’s premier 6 years ago. You have to admit, they must be doing something right.

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Number 3: We’re All a Little Masochistic

It’s a big word, I know, you don’t have to tell me. Hard to spell too, but thank God for spell check. Anyway, what I mean by we all being a little masochistic is that for some reason we’re addicted to a show that builds up these characters who we love and root for, only to kill them off like it was nothing.

If the first rule of Fightclub is “don’t talk about Fightclub”, then the first rule of Game of Thrones is that every character you ever loved is going to die.

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Number 4: It Might Encourage you to Read

Probably one of the biggest criticisms from other people is that they think they don’t read enough. Whether they don’t have time, can’t find any good books out there or a myriad of different reasons.

Well, when one of the best TV shows out there at the moment is based off an amazing book series, it should encourage you to pick up an old paperback (or a kindle), and wind down the night with reading about you’re favourite characters dying, instead of watch it. You will also be able to join the level of snobbery that is “Book Reader”.

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Number 5: Season 6 Just started

Now with season 6 having just started, this means two things for Game of Thrones fan. 1, more Game of Thrones. 2, it’s nearly over. The show is rumored to finish around the 7-9 season mark, as it would have exhausted all the content in the books, as well as the content that George RR Martin will write in the future books.

Essentially I’m saying you need to hop onto the bandwagon before it leaves the station. You can’t really get hyped about a show that everyone finished years back. I learnt this listen with putting off Breaking Bad for too long.

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So Why Should You Watch Game of Thrones? Because of the reasons above, you read them, right?



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