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Vegan Chronicles: Vegan Pub Snacks Sorted

Tofu sushi

(Image: breakfastdramaqueen.com)

Even if you have the coordination of a baby giraffe, making vegan sushi is easy.
All you’ll need is;

  • sheets of seaweed
  • sliced veggies of your choice (recommendations: carrot, cucumber, avocados and flavoured tofu)
  • sushi seasoning/ vinegar
  • sushi rice

Boil rice, cut veggies, roll up ingredients. There you have it, your perfect snack, simple and tasty.


Vegan Hotdogs with Bacon

(Image: baked-in.com)

Yes, the bacon is vegan. This is my go-to food after a big night because it’s so tasty and easy to make. Amazingly, every supermarket I’ve been to stock vegan bacon and sausages. All you need to do is put them in a bun, throw in some fried onions and tomato sauce (not all BBQ sauces are vegan) and voila, you have a perfect pub snack without harming any animals in the process.



(Image: minimalistbaker.com)

For those of us who love greasy food with our drinks, this killer falafel is easier than downing a pint.

You’ll need;

  • kale
  • chickpeas
  • flour
  • garlic, lemon, cumin, tahini (and herbs and spices of your choice)

This is slightly harder than the sushi, so let me give you the John Seroukas-certified way: mix the first three ingredients together, add lemon and oil to bind the mix. Then add herbs and spices after putting the mix into the processor.



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