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The UNSW Agnostics, Atheists and Humanists Society

UNSW Agnostics, Atheists and Humanists (UAAH) is a new society aimed at establishing a platform for open discussion of ethics and fulfilment in a nonreligious context. However, it is also an area where religious or spiritual people may come to discuss their curiosities in atheism and vice versa. It is open to everyone! UAAH is run by friendly and open-minded people. The society aims at promoting truth, reason and rationalism. If that sounds like your kind of salami, come to the IGM:

Date: Wednesday 6th April

Time: 520 pm – 630 pm

Location: G025, quadrangle building, UNSW

My reasons for founding this venture are varied. I think that the world we live in makes it very easy to live a life without questioning what you want to get out of it. In my opinion, introspection is an extremely important attribute for anyone who wants to be comfortable in their choices in life. And I think that talking about these issues is mighty helpful. That’s what UAAH is about! We’ll hold lectures on theology, philosophy, and science. We’ll hold debates and pub social nights. We’ll even chuck on a few barbeques! I honestly think that anyone can find purpose, direction and happiness without the need of supernatural explanations.

I am certain that anyone can benefit from joining this society. Participating actively with UAAH will help develop emotional intelligence, rational thinking, debating techniques, and open mindedness. The fact of the matter is that it’s very unlikely that anyone knows everything about anything, and so discussing and challenging our beliefs is a great way to progress.

I also believe it’s important to show how atheism is not “bad”. We want to work with religious communities! I’ve seen religion do so much good to many of my friends, and they get so much out of it. UAAH is not here to tell people what to believe, but rather to offer alternative views and food for thought.

By Sylvain Meslin 



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