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Top 5 Song Picks – Week 13

Give yourself (and your mates) a good encouraging pat on the back – you’re nearly done with yet another gruelling semester! Only a couple weeks to go until everyone’s favourite time arrives, exam season. To ring in the crazy cram-load and keep you company throughout those seemingly never-ending study nights, we’ve picked out some of the week’s best new songs, just for you!

Dami Im – Fighting For Love

At some point in our lives, I’m sure we’ve all – and that includes superstars like Dami Im – taken a walk down Stuggle Street. Since moving to Australia from South Korea at the age of 9, she’s had to overcome countless obstacles to do with “fitting in”. But she’s finally embraced her past, and now she’s written this killer anthem to talk about that. With Im’s hyped vocals singing out an incredibly memorable chorus, this track was arguably the catchiest four minutes of my week.


Eminem – Campaign Speech

If you think a certain American Republican presidential candidate is absolutely nuts, then you’ll enjoy this track. It’s no secret that Trump is disliked by many pop-culture icons, but Eminem’s got to be one of the most expressive of them all. In Campaign Speech he lashes out totally uncensored, getting all the angst out of his system. But only Eminem could pull something like this off, so we’ve got to give him props for his bad-ass creative spark.


Far East Movement & Marshmello – Freal Luv

Far East Movement has just released Identity, a thrilling album featuring some of the best voices from both East and West. Fresh off Identity, Freal Luv is a track made up of thumping electronica sounds with a mix of Korean and English lyrics. It features the velvety smooth vocals of Chanyeol and Tinashe, which perfectly complement Marshmello’s sick beats. If you’re looking for an upbeat track to be the soundtrack of your day then Freal Luv is perfect!


GLADES – Speechless

GLADES, Sydney’s latest – and hottest – trio are simply ingenious, and this track can testify to that. Here, the echoes of guitars meet electro beats, all kicking against a sonic atmosphere that’ll drive you absolutely wild from the very first listen. Speechless is the perfect love song for the lovebirds that aren’t quite together yet, but give each other butterflies-in-tummy syndrome all the time.


The Koi Boys – Hotline Bling (cover)

This soulful Kiwi trio has stolen the hearts of so many since their debut appearance on The Voice Australia. They’ve got brilliant chemistry, which shows in their harmonies that blend incredibly well together. They’ve also mixed up this track so much that it’s nearly impossible to tell it’s a Drake original. With swing beats, jazzy syncopation, romantic pauses and a really 60’s vibe, we guarantee you’ll be falling madly in love with these cuties in no time!

By Nanda Lakhwani.



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