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Top 5 Song Picks – Week 12

Some days you’ve got two tests back-to-back, your newly-bought blender from K-Mart decides not to function, and you find a massive spider building its habitat in your bedroom. If you struggled this past week as much as I did, then this is the perfect playlist for you! These 5 songs put life in perspective, and made me realize that there’s more to life than just comfort (and Netflix, and Tim Tams, although Tim Tams give me a kind of happiness akin to this woman trying on a Chewbacca mask).

Glass Animals – Life Itself

Life Itself is a sonic retreat for Glass Animals; a driving pop number inter-playing jungle drums with energetic falsettos beneath swelling synths, dark distorted bells and an irresistible hook. According to lead singer Dave Bayley, the record talks about the struggles of trying to fit into society when you’re just a little bit strange. Inspired by real people the band has met, Life Itself is extremely raw, proving to be a brilliant prelude to their upcoming sophomore album, aptly titled How To Be A Human Being.

Corinne Railey Bae – Hey, I Won’t Break Your Heart

Death sucks. The Put Your Records On singer-songwriter was left heartbroken after her first husband, Jason Rae died in 2008 of a sudden drug overdose. Rae took a hiatus from music as she mourned, but she’s recently found love – and her voice – again, and she’s ready to talk all about it in her new album The Heart Speaks. Hey, I Won’t Break Your Heart has got to be my favourite track on the album. It’s a quiet number starting off with Rae’s smooth vocals, backed by light guitar plucking and a mellow R&B swing.

Kygo, Matt Corby – Serious

Serious is from Kygo’s Cloud Nine – a compilation of mind-blowing collaborations with musical talents from all over the world. This track particularly reeks of Corby in the best way possible – questioning everything, doubting the familiar and searching for something better. It’s dialed down, simple and thought-provoking, challenging how we ceaselessly chase the wrong things in life, and end up lost in the process. Kygo also throws in some sick beats which fuse seamless with Corby’s vocals. In fact, I highly recommend listening to Kygo’s entire new album – Cloud Nine. It’s simply amazing.

Vera Blue – Settle

Vera Blue has a voice that alone could silence a crowd. She only emerged in the music scene last year, but she’s definitely made a name for herself since. Her enchanting new single Settle is bound to hypnotise you or at least leave you in awe. Producers Gossling and Any Mak helped create the ambient rhythmic sounds accompanying Vera’s phenomenal vocals. Settle ultimately seeks to send a message about silencing pain, and instead letting life’s brighter things speak for themselves – settling for the latter rather than getting worked up about the former.

Grace – Hell Of A Girl

Grace has delivered another retro-soul smash with this unbelievable catchy single. The Queensland songstress may only be 19 but she’s got some brilliant ideas up her sleeve, evident by the track’s jaunty piano-playing and unconventional melodies. A strong 60’s vibe flows through the single, making it nearly impossible to not sing along once the record starts playing. An uplifting ode to picking the pieces up and moving on, Hell Of A Girl is the perfect anthem for any girl healing from a bad breakup.



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