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Top 5 Song Picks – Week 2

Feeling the blues, coming back to uni after a good month spent overseas pursuing your dreams? on the couch binge-watching various TV shows? If you, like me, need some pick-me-ups, here are some of the month’s best tunes to set you in motion for the new semester!

The Chainsmokers – Closer (ft. Halsey)

From being known as the guys behind ‘#Selfie’ (2014’s most annoying song), The Chainsmokers have come a long way, now making the biggest EDM hits that we just can’t get enough of. The talented duo recently collaborated with American songstress Halsey to produce Closer. Playful male/female vocals shape a response dichotomy which perfectly complement this track’s infectious melodies. TLDR; listening to Closer on Spotify was arguably the catchiest four minutes of my life.

Mac Miller – Dang! (ft. Anderson Paak)


Pittsburgh’s self-taught musical genius, Mac Miller, is using every bone in his body to stand out in the music scene. This includes teaming up with Anderson Paak in producing this mind-blowingly funky track. Groovy beats, breathy vocals, surprise synths and slippery slurs coalesce perfectly in Dang!, making you feel like you’re lazily floating about in a river somewhere, but not too far away that you lose your sense of excitement. TLDR; listening to this track is sure to make you go – Dang!

Jarryd James – 1000x (ft. BROODS)


Brisbane’s velvety-voiced James first wrote this song when he was working with producer Joel Little in Auckland. A brief hiatus later, he took the song off the shelf and recorded it as a duet with BROODS vocalist Georgia Nott. This might have been the best decision James has ever made – resulting in a heart-wrenching ballad jam-packed with emotion. In fact, Nott herself fell so madly in love with the track that she chose to feature it in her wedding! TLDR; listening to this track will take you on a real feel trip.

Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam – A 1000 Times


Since leaving Vampire Weekend, singer/producer Rostam has released some stellar tunes, but this one is without a doubt, one of his best. Rostam’s fascination with Leithauser’s voice drove him to attempt capturing it in a way it had never been captured before. And Leithauser does boast some pretty unique vocals – sincere and mellow, yet incredibly strong at the same time. They blend perfectly with the track’s airy percussion beats, reminiscent of the 1980’s, creating a mysterious, indie-rock feel. TLDR; this collaboration was a match made in heaven.

Glass Animals – Youth

Youth is the second single ahead of Glass Animals’ upcoming LP, aptly titled How To Be A Human Being. Youth was inspired by quintessential life, having much to do with Dave Bayley’s strange hobby of noting conversations that people have, later poring over what these conversation pieces say about their lives. “People tell you some amazing things when they don’t think they’re ever gonna see you again,” Bayley said in an interview a few days ago. TLDR; listening to Youth makes you reconsider every human interaction you’ve ever had.




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