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Throwback NETFLIX EDITION: Great Movies You Missed – The Best Spider-Man Ever, Adult Loneliness and Sophisticated Sci-Fi

Netflix hosts thousands of movies that are going unwatched by your very eyes right now. Check them out. You won’t regret it.

With hundreds of movies coming out each year, it’s hard to keep track of what’s good and what’s bad. And worse, every month seems to be packed with blockbusters. With so much to see and so much noise, I don’t blame you for needing some down time.

Disclaimer: please forgive the terrible trailers. The movies are much better.

‘Up In The Air’ – Empty your backpacks

Chances are, at some point or another, you’ve wanted to escape your life. Imagine having a backpack. Fill it with all your obligations and your responsibilities: your job, your education, your family. Empty the backpack. Just imagine how much lighter you would feel without all those things in the way of your happiness.

Up In The Air follows Ryan Bingham, a travelling worker who fires people for a living. He travels America for over 300 days in a year and is rarely home. He is free to keep moving, but that freedom restricts him to a limited amount of meaningful human contact. When a pre-Pitch Perfect Anna Kendrick threatens to destroy Bingham’s life with new technology and new ways of doing things, he gets a wake up call.

Can Bingham ever settle down? Is he even capable of love?

Up In The Air is at all time insightful and touching. Check out the trailer and one of my favourite clips of all time below.

Spider-Man 2′ – Good sequels exist

There was a time where sequel fatigue wasn’t even in the english vocabulary. Look back on the days before Iron Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We didn’t have much. We had Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and Batman Begins. These were quality movies which look and felt different.

Tobey Maguire is by far my favourite Spider-Man. Sorry Andrew Garfield fans, he may acted the part but he certainly didn’t look like a nerd. On the other hand, Tom Holland is a great young Spidey and I’m sure he’s going to be amazing when his solo film launches. But Tobey maguire is the most believable Spider-Man to date, and I truly believe that Spider-Man 2 is one of the best superhero films ever made. Want to see another amazing superhero film? Check out the first Spider-Man. 

‘Ender’s Game’ – Focus on the conflict, not the action

Science fiction films these days don’t know how to raise moral issues or answer important questions. They get bogged down by the world, the action or the ideas – and rarely do these elements come together for a film that is box-office worthy.

Ender’s Game is the rare science-fiction film that has a key, but thoroughly explored moral question – is it fair to kill if it prevents further killing? This is not a new concept, but Ender’s Game manifests this idea through young guys and girls who are trained to become military leaders. Their young minds control fleets that can kill millions. But should we act preemptively?

The movie was not a success. Sadly, a movie that explores sophisticated ideas but lacks the excitement of a box office hit is not a moneymaker. What we do get, however is a great film that may have its flaws, but is ultimately different than a lot of the brainless stuff we see nowadays.




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