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The Final Countdown

It’s almost here! We are almost at the end of the end – that is to say, the light at the end of the tunnel, the Holy Grail, the end of semester, exams and uni for 2016. All metaphors aside, it’s almost the glorious time of year when we can all put down (burn) our books and relax for a solid four months.

Personally, I haven’t had an exam in three years, but for many of you the worst time of the semester is approaching. What is it about the end of semester exams and assessments that make them feel so much worse than everything we’ve had to do throughout the semester ? Is it the fact that freedom is close enough to taste? No. If I’m honest its because exams are difficult and studying for them in mind numbing, even in the best of circumstances, and knowing that you have an expiration date for university doesn’t make it better, when it seems so far away.

Unfortunately, just like in the old nursery rhyme, there is no way around or under it, only through it. Exam time is the time to pull all nighters, spent simultaneously watching studying and watching an entire season of Skins on Netflix. The time to cram while at work, send friend requests to people in your classes you’ve never spoken to before and give into your comfort eating.

Friends, exam time is the time to feel alive – giving everything you’ve got and still feeling unprepared but willing to YOLO it all the way through a three hour exam. Who knows? Some of your best inspiration may come from gazing out the exam room windows onto Randwick Racecourse, imagining you are free from the shackles of university and running wild. Just think, it will all be over soon and then you’ll actually have an excuse to drink.




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